New World-Bending Poster Released for ‘Doctor Strange’

Although September marks the start of the “Fall Movie Season” (i.e. Oscar films) with movies like Sully, The Birth of a Nation, and Manchester By The Sea being released, it doesn’t mean we have to wait until next Summer for more high-quality blockbusters. Marvel Studios already had a massive success with Captain America: Civil War, and now they are set to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the release of Doctor Strange. The film, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular sorcerer supreme, is less than two months from release, and a new poster promises a mind-bending adventure. Check out the poster below.


In addition to Cumberbatch, the film stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Mads Mikklesen, and Tilda Swinton . Almost in conjunction with its Fall release date, four out of those five have been nominated for an Academy Award (Marvel has been on point with its casting as of late). As seen in the trailers for the movie, Doctor Strange looks to be something totally different from its MCU counterparts. While Thor opened the door to a “magic-as-science” understanding of the world, and Guardians of the Galaxy introduced to Marvel’s galactic corners, Doctor Strange hopes to fully open the door to the mystical, and they aren’t holding back.

Doctor Strange Inspired By Inception?

Whether it is the visuals in the trailer or on display in the poster above, many have made comparisons to Christopher Nolan’s Inception. As far as imagery goes, the comparison makes sense. Both feature protagonists learning about dreamy/mystical worlds as skyscrapers bend around them. In a brief twitter exchange, director Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister) addressed the Inception comparison, both praising that film while explaining how his is different:


What do you think? Do you like the new Doctor Strange poster? Do you think it is a good sign the film is being compared to Inception? Sound off in the comments below!

Doctor Strange will hit theaters on November 4, 2016.

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