New York Comic Con Fights Back Against Scalpers

New York Comic Con Ticket Update
Ticket update headline provided on NYCC’s social media. © NYCC

I’ve been going to New York Comic Con since 2009. Back then, you could easily wait until two weeks before the show to purchase your badges. Now, however, most con-goers will agree that it feels like you’re putting on armor and going to war with no definitive answer on whether or not you’ll make it. The ticket-buying process has changed multiple times throughout the years, and 2016 is no exception.

Normally, tickets would have either already gone on sale, or at least a date would be up. Last year, for example, tickets went on sale May 13th. We’re halfway through May with no word… or so we thought.

New York Comic Con 2016 Step 1: Fan Verification Profiles

Yesterday, those that have purchased tickets in the past, or have signed up for the ReedPOP newsletter, received an e-mail with a major announcement regarding tickets. NYCC has added a new step called fan verification. This new step is required to purchase a ticket when they do go on sale and does not guarantee entry. The goal of this is to avoid scalpers and resellers from stealing the tickets out of the hands of actual fans. From the NYCC website:

What does Fan Verification mean? It means we are requiring anyone interested in attending NYCC to fill out a profile between May 20 and June 13. We recognize that this is an extra step before buying your Tickets and requires more commitment from you, but we also know that as true Fans of the Show, you won’t mind making it tough for the supervillains out there. It means you guys have to do a bit more work to get your Ticket, but it will help make sure NYCC Tickets get into the hands of Fans. We truly thank you for your maximum effort (as our favorite merc with the mouth would say).

Digging through NYCC’s Facebook page and comments, I’m pretty stoked about this add-on. They’ve yet to dive into detail about what the fan verification entails exactly, however. They just mention that you need to fill out a profile with the name and e-mail you will be using to purchase your ticket.

You’re allowed to buy a maximum of four tickets per type (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 3-Day, 4-Day, and/or Kids) and twelve tickets in total. So, if you’re buying a ticket for yourself and your four best friends, the five of you need to ensure you filled out a fan verification profile by the deadline of June 13th. If friend #4 did not fill one out, friend #4 cannot go. There is no return, exchange, upgrade, or resale of any tickets purchased.

Other things to note: filling out the fan verification profile on May 20th does not put you on any list above people that fill out their fan verification after. Tickets will be sold on a first come-first serve basis regardless of when you filled out the fan verification. Filling out that profile will get you a confirmation e-mail once you’re done, and eventually an e-mail with the link to retrieve your tickets.

All Verified Fans will be notified via email 48 hours prior to NYCC Tickets going on sale. This email will include a unique link where you will be able to purchase Tickets (first-come, first-served) when they go on sale.

It’s also important to keep in mind that NYCC will not be announcing the on-sale date prior to 48 hours before ticket sales are live. So there’s still official date as of right now.

VIPs and Ticket Systems

VIP tickets were also done away with as of today’s announcement. This makes sense because the value and grandeur of a VIP ticket has gone down in the past few years. VIP tickets used to grant you access to a private area to rest, early and private access to Thursday with Press, and a separate bag check. Note – used to. The perks weren’t as clear in later years, and it seems that New York Comic Con realizes that. Now, everyone has equal access to the convention – sans Press and Exhibitors for obvious reasons.

New York Comic Con 2016
More changes to come? Stay tuned. Via NYCC’s Facebook.

From comments on this Facebook post, New York Comic Con seems to have also changed their ticket system. No further word of that was announced, nor was the link to the fan verification site, or any further detail. I for one am happy that they’re finally responding to the increase in scalpers and resellers and are trying to be proactive about it. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve walked through Manhattan to get to the Javits Center only to hear no less than five men offer tickets at ridiculous prices to enter the convention.

We’ll see just what this fan verification entails, what further changes there are to come in the ticket buying process, and what’s next when it comes to the anxiety and stress-ridden battle known as The Hunt for New York Comic Con Tickets. I’m optimistic!

Be sure to check your emails for today’s announcement, or simply check out New York Comic Con’s website and Facebook for more FAQs and explanations. And, hopefully, see you guys at New York Comic Con!

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