Nichelle Nichols’ Son Claims She is Suffering from Dementia

Nichelle Nichols’ Struggle

The son of Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols claims she is suffering from dementia. Kyle Johnson filed legal paperwork claiming his 85-year-old mother experiences “severe short-term memory loss.” The paperwork names four trustees in charge of her finances and health-related decisions.

Uhura’s Effect On Popular Culture

Nichelle NicholsNichelle Nichols is a bona fide legend. Of course, she is most famous for portraying Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek. However, she remained active in show business. Heck, she has three projects slated for release this year. Furthermore, she finds time to make appearances at Star Trek and comic book conventions across the country. At the age of 85, Nichols can be proud of her life.

Lieutenant Uhura is a landmark character. She changed the course of television forever. In the age of the civil rights movement and the beginnings of women’s liberation, Uhura provided a much-needed example for society. She is a brilliant Starfleet officer and specializes in three different scientific fields. The mere appearance of the character made history. However, Nichelle Nichols’ portrayal of the Lieutenant cemented her as an iconic science fiction character.

Also, Nichols participated in the first scripted onscreen interracial kiss. The moment broke barriers for popular culture in a tumultuous time. Great science fiction reflects and magnifies the culture, warts and all. On countless occasions, Uhura magnified the human race at its best and most tolerant. As such, she is a legendary character.

Nichelle Nichols’ Diagnosis

Unfortunately, the woman behind the boundary-shattering character is getting older. It happens to all of our heroes and icons, but it’s never easy. Nichelle Nichols’ son, Kyle Johnson, filed legal paperwork on his mother’s behalf last week granting 4 fiduciaries power over her estate. Johnson claims the reason for this motion is because his mother suffers from dementia. As a result, it “impacts her executive function.” Also, Johnson implied that people around his mother are taking advantage of her disease. He stated that she is “susceptible to undue influence” and claims “certain individuals have unduly exerted themselves into Ms. Nichols’ life to her detriment.”

Sadly, this is the case with a lot of aging celebrities. Recently, rumors swirled about Stan Lee being in a similar situation. Of course, the general public never knows the full intricacies of these situations. But it’s heart-wrenching to see our heroes be cast aside by those who are tasked with caring for them. Moreover, seeing their advanced age be taken advantage of is infuriating. Nichelle Nichols and Stan Lee are legendary cultural figures and deserve better from their inner circles. We at Word of the Nerd wish Nichols and her family the best as they enter a new and scary time in their lives.

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