Nicolas Cage Finally Becomes Superman

Superman Lives… Again? Sorta?

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Tim Burton-produced film Superman Lives? Do you feel you got cheated out of seeing Nicolas Cage as Superman? You’ve probably answered no, but you’ll be getting the latter whether you like it or not.

And Why Not!

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies poster DC

Teen Titans Go!, the silly spin-off show of the popular cartoon from 2003, will be getting a feature film in summer 2018. The basic premise centers around the Titans trying to figure out why they haven’t gotten a feature film yet, since every other hero has. It will then follow the Titans’ lives as usual, fighting bad guys, having adventures, and making sophomoric jokes as they go.

The entire idea behind Teen Titans Go! in the first place seems to be to spoof and make light of every superhero scenario ever. The show can be childish, but it’s also entertaining and focuses more on the Titans’ lives when they are not battling villains. It’s littered with jokes aimed at DC’s entire library of comics and shows, but also pokes plenty of fun at itself. It’s a more exaggerated and silly version of the original Teen Titans cartoon but it’s certainly its own entity.

But back to the most recent announcement: Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel. The creators of Teen Titans Go! seem to take every opportunity they can to poke fun at DC as a whole, and they nailed that here. When choosing who would voice their Superman, someone must have recalled the unreleased movie Superman Lives and thought “jackpot”. The film—as much as was filmed—was directed by Tim Burton and starred none other than Nick Cage. It was never released, but the screenplay is available for download, and screenshots have been posted of Cage in the iconic role. So of course, when casting for the Teen Titans Go! movie, they wanted Cage for Superman. And get him they did.

No Sneak Peek, Sorry

The release date for Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is July 27, 2018. View the official trailer here. There are currently no available recordings of Mr. Cage voicing the Man of Steel, so fans will have to settle for photos from Superman Lives. Enjoy!

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