Nightwing Costume Finally Revealed for Titans

Nightwing Costume Displayed at Special Event

Nightwing - Titans - costume reveal
Nightwing costume designed by Laura Jean Shannon and team

Ever since Titans premiered last year, one question has been on everyone’s mind. When will Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) go from Nightwing to Robin? At a special event in Burbank this past week, that long-awaited answer arrived. At a display of Titans costumes, and a Q&A session with producers, the Nightwing suit was finally revealed. In addition, footage of the suit in action appeared in the trailer for the show’s season finale. When pictures from the event leaked online, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive, with excitement growing with every post and tweet. Of course, at least one person had to ask the other question on everyone’s mind when it comes to that costume:

Inspirations From Comics and Games?

The costume was designed by Titans specialty costume designer Laura Jean Shannon, and marks the first live-action portrayal of both Nightwing and his suit. The suit looks more armored than the traditional tights that Dick Grayson wears in the comics. This seemingly takes more of a cue for the suit worn by him (and Damian Wayne) in the Injustice franchise or the Arkham games. However, there are several cues from the comics. The blue chest crest is a definite take from the classic comic book costume’s design. However, it also seems to reference the New 52 and Injustice costume crests as well. Another callback to the comics are the stripes that run down the arms, which are part of the classic Nightwing costume. 

In addition, the trailer footage shows Nightwing has upgraded his escrima sticks to have electricity running through them. This is yet another callback to comics and the Arkham games, where Nightwing has designed his escrima sticks to have that extra oomph. 

The costume officially debuts next Friday, November 29th, for the Titans season finale.

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