Nightwing to Make Live-Action Debut in TNT series ‘Titans’

Teen TitansWarner Bros. and DC Comics are really enjoying the success they’re currently having with their live-action, television universe. The show that initiated the trend,Arrow, is heading into its third season next month, while it’s spin-off series, The Flash, as well as Constantine and Gotham are all premiering this Fall, with The Flash andGotham receiving exceptional early-screening reviews. Last week it was rumored, and later confirmed, that a Supergirl series is currently in the works, and now we have news that Dick Grayson, the first Robin, currently fighting under the guise of Nightwing — at least as of a few weeks ago — is set to make his debut in Titans.

Titans is said to be a live-action television series that revolves around DC’s team of adolescents, the Teen Titans. In the comics, the team is led by Nightwing, who has advanced leadership skills due to his time in Gotham with Batman. It’s being reported that TNT has already begun the process of ordering a pilot episode for the series.

It is unknown what other teen heroes would be featured in the show, but that won’t stop us from taking, several, stabs at it. I would assume Raven and Starfire are definite, others, like Kid Flash and Cyborg, are up in the air. Cyborg has been confirmed to have a small part in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Kid Flash (Wally West) has a direct connection to The Flash, the new series starring his aunt and uncle, Barry Allen and Iris West.

Also, I, and many others, had all thought that Nightwing was going to appear on Arrow. Actor Steven R. McQueen lit up Twitter last year hinting that he would be portraying the fan-favorite character on the show. It made sense to fans because the character would fit seamlessly into the Arrow universe, and they had already introduced Roy Harper, another member of the Titans, who has since been promoted to Arsenal, and mentioned Bludhaven, the city in which Nightwing operates, on several occasions.

Other possible characters include, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Beast Boy, Miss Martian — there have been so many variations of the team, and the identities of its members, that there is no way to assume who will be on the show.

With this news from the past two weeks it seems as if the DC television universe may be allowed, and willing, to use every character from the comics other than Superman (who had his decade-long television run on Smallville) and an adult Batman (Batman appears in Gotham as a young, pre-Bat Bruce Wayne). This includes villains as well, as Arrow has already used the Clock King, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Huntress, and Solomon Grundy — they have just cast Ra’s al Ghul for season three and teased the popular Harley Quinn to fans with the smallest of cameos. And don’t forget that golden-age character, Hourman, was rumored to be getting his own show on CW Network as well. Those reports came out a while back, but worth keeping an eye on.

For now though, we should all be getting ready for the season, or series, premiers of Arrow, Agents of Shield, Gotham, The Flash, Constantine, and Agent Carter.


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