Nintendo Direct Reveals Sweet Treats

Nintendo Direct Steals Hearts (And Wallets)

It’s safe to say that 2017 was Nintendo’s best year. The Switch became their best and fastest selling console, Super Mario Odyssey, and Breath of The Wild swept the Video Game Awards (including the coveted Game of The Year), and many beloved titles were ported over to the console. From the looks of their latest Nintendo Direct showcase, they plan on keeping the momentum going. Nintendo Direct showed off a host of new games for the Switch and 3DS, including the much anticipated Super Smash Bros. game, Splatoon 2 v3, and an HD remake for the cult classic Okami. Here are some of the highlights:

The Return of Smash Bros.

Probably the single, greatest takeaway from the Nintendo Direct showcase was the announcement of Super Smash Bros. That’s right. The battle royale crossover that started them all comes to the Switch sometime this year. The reveal trailer depicts inklings battling it out before the screen darkens. The female inkling turns around and spots, in all its beautiful glory, the burning symbol of SSB. Familiar faces include Mario and what looks to be Link from his Breath of the Wild incarnation. To say that fans are hyped would be an understatement. Last year had Odyssey and Breath of the Wild as the Switch’s top sellers. No doubt that this year, Super Smash Bros. will dominate the playing field. 

Splatoon 2’s Massive Update

Splatoon 2 continues to ink its way into people’s hearts by the millions. What better way to reward inklings than a massive content update? Nintendo showcased a slew of new content, including 100+ new items, 3 new stages, and a new competitive rank. But wait! There’s more! Remember how I once talked about fan favorite Marina the Octoling? People begged for the option to play as Octolings, as well as wanting more story from the ‘Off the Hook’ duo. Nintendo’s reaction?

Yeah, they made a music video.

Called Octo Expansion, the DLC follows Octo, an amnesiac octoling who wakes up in a subway station. From there, she traverses the depths to unlock the truth of the people around her. Consequently, completing the single player story will allow people to play as Octolings in multiplayer! It will be released come late April. On the other hand, this story expansion is a paid DLC at $19.99, so be ready to spend a bit. Nevertheless, pretty impressive job creating not only a music video but paying homage to two of the most iconic, legendary rappers in history. 

Remakes, Ports, and More

Nintendo Direct
Solaire of Astora Amiibo

The Switch is also seeing a lot of ports its way. The family-friendly company has added South Park: The Fractured But Whole to the list of Switch games. A remastered Dark Souls beta joins the fray, coupled with a unique amiibo for the game. Indie darling Undertale, the HD remake of Okami, and Crash Bandicoot all will have homes on the Switch. Finally, Octopath Traveler, Square Enix’s new RPG, has seen both a release date and two new characters added to the roster. 

The 3DS has WarioWare Gold, a collection of 300 microgames both new and old. Luigi’s Mansion will see a 3D remake as well as critically-acclaimed Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. Both games come with new features that bring a breath of freshness. 

Truly, Nintendo continues to impress the gaming community with success and anticipation. Gamers can expect both endless entertainment and empty wallets this year. 

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