Norm Breyfogle, Batman Artist, Dead At 58


Norm Breyfogle Dead At 58


Norm Breyfogle, an artist who defined Batman’s look for a generation of readers, died this week at the age of 58. The cause of death has yet to be revealed to the public. The news was announced by his friend, Daniel Best, on Facebook

Born in Iowa, Breyfogle was already known for his cartooning by the time he had finished high school. After working with several smaller publishers. he jumped on to DC Comics in the late 1980s, and soon became associated with Batman comics to readers.

Breyfogle On Batman

Norm Breyfogle's Batman
Norm Breyfogle’s Batman

Breyfogle’s tenure on Batman not only defined how the character looked in the minds of readers for years, but he also did the same for the villains and supporting cast. He was the one who drew Tim Drake in his first official Robin suit. He also helped create a whole new Arkham Asylum, with writer Alan Grant, in The Last Arkham. He also co-created with Grant numerous characters, such as the psychotic Victor Zsasz and Tim Drake’s frenemy/rival Anarky. 

An Ultra Talented Artist At His Prime

However, Breyfogle would later sign up with Malibu Comics to help kickstart their comic book lineup. His creation, Prime, was a Shazam type character written to fit the edgier 1990s and the pop culture of the time. However, he would continue to come back to DC Comics for several titles. These included The Spectre, Anarky, and Batman Beyond.

A Talent Laid Low

Sadly, Breyfogle’s career was cut short by a sudden stroke he had in 2014.  However, the comics community got together and, with the Hero Initiative, helped raise money for the care he needed. While his career as an artist was over, he began a career as a writer and poet.

Funeral arrangements are currently being made.

Word of the Nerd would like to extend our condolences to his loved ones at this time.

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