North Star Digital Announces Release Date for Evolution


Evolution – The strategy game of adaptation


North Star Digital announces a release date for Evolution: The Video Game. On February 12th, 2019, you will be able to explore Evolution Island, challenge adaptive AIs, and go head-to-head against online opponents. The video game will be available on Steam, iOS, and Android. Evolution’s Steam page is now live, so take the opportunity to add Evolution to your wish list, and share it with your friends. It will also be available as a pre-order on the App Store soon.

Evolution: The Video Game Carnivore Claws Badge
Evolution: The Video Game Carnivore Claws Badge

Inspired by the award-winning tabletop game, Evolution retains the elements which made the analog edition so popular with more than 1.6 million players worldwide, but offers a swift pace and features only possible in a modern video game. Meticulously designed so even those who are completely unfamiliar with the original board game can jump in right away, the digital release features a learn-while-you-play tutorial, exciting campaign mode with Apex Species opponents to test your wits against, and cross-platform multiplayer casino games that effortlessly matches players with slots near me and others of similar skill.


Create new species and adapt them for survival in an ever-changing environment. Brought to life with a beautifully hand-painted, watercolor art-style with an earthy, contemplative original soundtrack. Combine different traits rooted in science, such as a long neck or a defensive shell, in limitless combinations to help creatures thrive in the fight for survival over scarce food resources and defense from deadly predators. Develop symbiotic relationships or even evolve carnivorous traits and feast on foes in this addictive turn-based strategy game.

Digital Interface

Evolution: The Video Game
Evolution: The Video Game

Evolution brings stunning new artwork. Animated cards, lush environments, distinct enemy A.I., and more than 24,000 possible species to the virtual table. The campaign presents varied scenarios and smart “Apex Species” requiring careful planning and strategy to survive.

Take survival of the fittest online. Square off against live opponents around the world in fully cross-platform, skill-based matchmaking. Rank up from a field researcher all the way to a Nobel Laureate in the progression system. Test yourself against others in the ongoing seasonal tournaments. Turn-based and simultaneous play options allow for fast and fluid multiplayer games in under ten minutes.

Scott Rencher, president, and co-founder of North Star Digital Studios, says:

“The original Evolution tabletop game has developed a fanatical following among players since its release in 2014. With the Evolution video game, we’ve gone all out to make this not just a great board game adaptation, but a fantastic strategy video game in its own right.”

Final Thoughts

I have been a part of the beta test for Evolution: The Video Game for several months now. It is very exciting to see this game “evolve” into what it is today. I am ready for my friends to be able to download it to play matches with me online. It is also a great way to learn the physical tabletop game, which is fantastic. What may at first appear to be a complex game is actually quite intuitive like slot machine games, once the hand management and action selection are established.

This game is fun but also surprisingly educational. With an MS degree in environmental science, I can attest that the game is scientifically accurate in its design. The Evolution tabletop game has been used in the evolutionary biology department at the University of Oxford and featured in the world’s leading scientific journal, Nature.

Watch a trailer for the Evolution video game below:

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