North Star Games Dives DEEP Into Boardgaming Announcing OCEANS


OCEANSThe “Mariana Trench” of the Tabletop


After testing the waters with Evolution in 2014, North Star Games has decided to dive headfirst into hobby games with their most ambitious project to date: OCEANS
OCEANS is the latest entry into the Evolution Game Series and, a grand cumulation of effort by North Star Games to design the ultimate gamer’s game. Years in the making, OCEANS has been a collaborative effort between Nick Bentley (veteran game designer and former neurobiologist), Brian O’Neill (professor of marine biology), and Dominic Crapuchettes (award-winning game designer with 3 million units sold).

Whereas the previous games in the Evolution series were bound exclusively by the science (and the core of this game is as well), OCEANS expands upon it with a new set of cards called “The Deep”. This fantastical set of new cards stretch the boundaries of the game from science, to science fiction by including creatures like the Leviathan and the Hydra.

North Star Games is looking for outside playtest groups to explore this game – ahead of the game’s release set for 2019.

OCEANS is too deep for just one team to explore. Select playtesters will be instrumental in polishing the best boardgame our company has ever released,” states Dominic Crapuchettes, Founder, and Co-President of North Star Games. “I don’t say this lightly. We have gone full-throttle into the game, and I’m excited for true game enthusiasts to dive in too!”

For any playtest groups interested in participating: Clink on this link for information on how to dive in. And to learn even more, check out the latest blog here.

OCEANS will be Kickstarted in February 2019. And will be available in wide-release in September 2019. 


About North Star Games

North Star Games
North Star Games
North Star Games is the publisher of award-winning party, family, and strategy games. Wits & Wagers is the most award-winning party game in history, Evolution is used in the Evolutionary Biology Department at the University of Oxford, and Happy Salmon has become a gaming phenomenon. For more information on these games and more, visit www.NorthStarGames.com



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