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Word of the Nerd is currently looking to add skilled writers and avid fans of all things fantasy, sci-fi, and horror to our diverse and growing team of talented bloggers. If you feel as though your passion for the genres we cover and skills as a writer would provide a unique addition to the Word of the Nerd team, please continue reading as we’d love to hear from you! We are specifically looking for writers for two distinct (and occasionally combined) roles: news coverage (heavy day-to-day focus on finding and regularly posting news stories) and original content creation (reviews, editorials, and interviews). These are unpaid positions; however, Word of the Nerd writers do enjoy a wide range of benefits and perks, including free advance preview content (early copies of books, comics, etc.) as well interview opportunities for key individuals throughout the industries we’re active in.





Editors, under the direction of the Editor-In-Chief and Senior Editor, are responsible for checking submitted articles for spelling, grammar, and proper formatting as directed by site policy. Editors also insert images and SEO into articles and publish through WordPress.

Applicants must be able to work directly with writers to assist them in preparing their articles for publishing. An extreme attention to detail and an adherence to policy and site guidelines are needed, as well as a passion for the English language.

Knowledge of WordPress and style manuals (AP, Chicago, etc.) guidelines are desired, as well as knowledge of pop culture including comic books, movies, video games, and more. Applicants must be able to work within a flexible schedule, including some weekend time.  Post high-school education in writing and/or editing is preferred.



Television coverage on Word of the Nerd is in need of new writers. We are looking to fill various roles, including:

  • Television news writer – Regularly follow, understand, break, and report TV news (also includes industry interview opportunities)
  • Television original content writer – Review shows, contribute opinions and ideas through editorials and explore new grounds through interviews with some of the industry’s big and small names



Word of the Nerd is looking to expand our coverage of young adult reviews, editorials, interviews, and news, however, is looking to expand our horizons by offering coverage of non-YA fantasy, sci-fi, and horror novels.

  • Book reviewer – Regularly read newly published genre literature. You will be asked to review books on a regular basis, as well as contributing editorials/opinion articles and news coverage.

Potential perks include: Word of the Nerd has a vast and ever-growing collection of advanced reader copies of books distributed amongst our staff. Book writers are able to select any book of their choosing to read, for free, months before the book releases. Writers are also regularly offered interview opportunities.



We are hiring to fill the following roles:

  • Marvel Comics writer – Marvel Comics has recently rebooted their comic series and we are looking to get into the game as a major coverage provider, both for news and reviews. Do you follow Marvel news? Do you regularly read new Marvel comics? Writer would be asked to cover news and reviews on a regular basis
  • DC Comics writer – Are you a regular reader of DC Comics?  Have strong opinions about the New 52?  Writers would be asked to cover some news and reviews on a regular basis.
  • Comic News Writer – Do you regularly follow comic book industry news? Does your passion drive you to want to contribute and report your own news? This writer would be required to post news as it happens, often times occurring multiple times per day.
  • Independent and small-house writer – Small houses are making big moves in the industry, showing that big players don’t have all the hits. We are looking for a writer to focus on smaller comic publishers like Aspen, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Boom!, Zenescope and Dynamite, covering news and reviews on a regular basis.

Potential perks include – Access to comic writers and artists for interviews and guest posts. Regular access to advance copies of comics – before they’re released to the public!


Toys & Collectibles

Writers must be an avid collector of toys, collectible or other similar items.  You must be well informed on latest releases and be able to submit frequent reviews of items, cover the latest news and be willing to do unboxing videos and other related content. 



Word of the Nerd excels in its reviews of the latest box-office hits. However, our team is in dire need of a writer who is able to focus on regular news coverage. This will mean following the latest breaking news and posting on a regular basis (often times multiple posts per day):

  • Movie News Writer – Do you regularly follow the movie industry news? Does your passion drive you to want to contribute and report your own news? This writer would be required to post news as it happens, often times occurring multiple times per day.


Video Games

We’ve only begun to breach the surface with video games here on Word of the Nerd. We are looking for skilled bloggers and reviewers to help fill our ranks, providing the best gaming coverage on the net!

  • Video game news writer – Regularly follow, understand, break, and report video game news across all console, handheld, and PC platforms as well as post press releases. (also includes industry interview opportunities)
  • Tabletop gaming writer – Regularly follow, understand, break and report gaming news that includes tabletop, role-playing and other types of gaming.
  • Video game original content writer – Review games (with a large focus on new releases), contribute opinions and ideas through editorials and explore new grounds through interviews with some of the industry’s big and small names



Word of the Nerd prides itself on our growing list of podcasts.  We’ve always looking to expand our content by exploring new show ideas and recruiting interesting and talented hosts/guests for our podcasts.

  • Podcast show host – Regularly host/guest-host on new and current podcasts.  Must have an interest in podcasts and have knowledge of various topics discussed in the shows.  A bubbly, vibrant personality is desired.
  • Recording engineer/editor – We are in need of competent and reliable people to monitor recording of podcasts, provide technical assistance, edit and post new shows in a timely manner.  Must have experience with Skype and YouTube as well as a working knowledge of audio/video editing software.


Marketing and Advertising

No positions open at this time.


Social Media Coordinator

No positions open at this time.




  • Word of the Nerd only employs writers above the age of 18
  • You must be an avid consumer of comics, fantasy, sci-fi, horror and gaming materials
  • You must be able to contribute to the website on a regular basis. News writers will be required to contribute three times a week, whereas original content creators will be asked to contribute at least once a week
  • Passion for sharing news and reviews with like-minded individuals and the ability to discover news on your own
  • Knowledge of sharing website content on various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, etc.
  • Habit of browsing your favorite news resources for breaking news on a regular basis
  • You must be a skilled writer

Bonus Skills (not required but definitely appreciated):

  • Experience blogging and reviewing for other websites (not necessarily of the same types or genres)
  • Experience working within the industries that we cover (examples: publishing industry, movie production, game development, etc)
  • Experience with WordPress, a blogging platform
  • Currently attending or have graduated school for writing, journalism, etc.

If interested in applying, please fill out the form below.


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