Nvidia RTX Helps Build Amazing New Minecraft Worlds

Minecraft Gets a Makeover With Nvidia RTX

If you’ve watched any video game news in the past year then you know the future of video games is ray tracing. Nvidia is betting on that with Nvidia RTX. They’ve introduced their new RTX and opened a Beta test with five of the most prominent online creators in the Minecraft scene; they have created new worlds that are now available on the Minecraft marketplace.

Minecraft with RTX and HD Textures Comparison-850px - Nvidia GeForce RTX
Minecraft with RTX and HD Textures Comparison

I’ve personally not been able to jump in the game to check out these new worlds. So let’s look to Steve Watts over at GameSpot, who got a gander at them. Here’s how he described them: 

“Hilltop Lifestyle (PearlescentMoon) is an outdoor map based on an Italian hilltop village. Egg Hunt (Feed the Beast) is a mini-game set underground in a cave full of traps and secrets, tasking you with finding the eggs in record time. Medieval RTX (Aurelien_Sama) is a survival game set in a village settled below ancient ruins. The Dark Village RTX (Wyld) is another survival game set in a deep forest filled with secrets and puzzles. Finally, The Observer RTX (IamSp00n) is an adventure that has you exploring your way out of an entombed vault and discovering the secrets of the people who lived there.”

A Closer Look at Nvidia RTX

Since I didn’t get a chance to play in these worlds, I checked out PearlescentMoon’s YouTube channel and watched her video; she shows off what capabilities this new technology gives her and it’s amazing. My words can’t do it justice, so check out her video for yourself and you’ll understand how cool this is.


 You can still get into the Beta to experience the new RTX worlds for Minecraft.

Sound Off 

So what do you think of these Minecraft RTX worlds? Do you think ray tracing is the future? Do you enjoy being able to create with the same tools as the developers? Are you scared that maybe we are actually just living in a Minecraft simulation where the ray tracing is just outstanding? Let me know!

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