NYCC 2014 – A Convention in Review

IMG_1708Another New York Comic Con has come and gone and I’m just now catching my breath. I’ve been going to NYCC for about eight years, all the way back when it took place for my birthday weekend in February. New York comic con 2014 was the most enjoyable experience I have had the convention in years.

What are the biggest differences was that the renovations of the Javits Center have finally been completed. This meant that the people traffic was at its most manageable in years given the number of people reportedly in attendance. is reporting attendance numbers north 151,000 people, which would make NYCC bigger than San Diego Comic Con in terms of attendance.

This year felt like the perfect mixture of vendors, huge industry installations and gaming on the big red carpet. However, I could have done without the huge Geico bus selling insurance. While there were no huge movie announcements (even though there could’ve been) the convention can boast having the newly married George Clooney as a surprise guest to promote Tomorrowland.

The main floor of the convention was without a DC booth again this year, but DC did bring along their Batman suit display from San Diego Comic Con. This would have been a special treat if not for the fact that DC brought a very similar set up with Superman’s suits last year; at least I got to see the Bat-Fleck cowl and cape in person. DC, also, squandered the opportunity to announce their lineup of movies through 2020; movies which include The Flash in 2018 starring Ezra Miller, and Cyborg in 2020 starring Ray Fisher. Those movie and casting announcements are significant because they prominently feature two demographics, which Marvel has yet to committed to the big screen, openly gay and black leading actors respectively. Not only were these movies announced quietly after the completion of New York Comic Con, what has turned out to be the worst kept casting secret in the history of movies was also confirmed; Jason Momoa is Aquaman!

The cosplay scene at the convention seems to be growing every year, not only in the number of participants but, in the size and complexity of the costumes. This is especially pleasing to see given the difficulty of getting to the Javits Center costume in tow. This year you were literally tripping over cosplayers of every level and fandom. More so you couldn’t sneeze without hitting a cosplay photographer; not just folks taking photos but professional and semi-pros jockeying for position to get the perfect shot.

IMG_1737Bat-Fleck Rises


Many cosplayers, however, had to do without their large prop weapons after having them confiscated by event security. People that I spoke to that had their weapons confiscated were understandably upset but no one seemed to go into a full rage the way that I would’ve expected. Needless to say that given some events over the last few years that cosplayers are becoming more aware of the consequences of having a weapon in public be at a prop or not.


I got the chance to do so much more this year, much of which will be covered in subsequent articles. However, my excitement was tempered a bit by the news reports on the screen sprinkled throughout the Javits Center Depicting the terrors of Isis and Ebola. There were moments that my participation in New York Comic Con felt frivolous, but I’m ashamed to admit that those moments were short-lived.

About the author

Janel McClain

New York City native that enjoys so many geeky things and tries to make a costume to reflect them all. She enjoys discovering new comics and sic-fi franchises and endeavors to enjoy them all.

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