On the Bright Side: 5 Light Podcasts

Let the Good Podcasts Roll

As I made blatantly clear in my last podcast article, I love listening to creepy stories. My last list of ear candy was drenched with low-lifes, blood, and gore. Despite this, I don’t spend all my time listening to the tragic tales of screams and injustice. Sometimes I like something that is mind-tingling, yet of a lighter persuasion. Occasionally, I just like a good story. Thus, here I want to present some feel-good podcasts. These podcasts focus on either telling a good story, or taking deep dives into stories, or both. Either way, this list will put a smile on your face. If not, it may at least convince you that I’m not a complete deviant after all.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour (TTAH)

The Thrilling Adventure Hour Treasury image
The Thrilling Adventure Hour Treasury

If you haven’t had a chance to check out The Thrilling Adventure Hour, you are truly missing out. The podcast features shows that parody “old time radio”, alternating between different storylines between each episode. My personal favorite is Sparks Nevada: Marshall on Mars, a parody of old western/sci-fi adventure shows. Each episode is laugh-out-loud funny and there is a huge backlog of episodes to enjoy. “The Agony of Feet” (TTAH episode 6, Sparks episode 2), although very early in the series, still sticks with me today. I revisited this episode in my attempt to catch up in 2018 and it was just as great the 2nd time.

Cabin Pressure

Cabin Pressure from A to Z
Cabin Pressure from A to Z

I am super late to this fandom, but I am glad I gave it a shot. I was recruited as Benedict Cumberbatch fan via Sherlock and wanted to try some of his earlier stuff. Cabin Pressure, a radio show about a dysfunctional airplane crew, is hilarious, to say the least. The characters are good and work off each other super well. “Fitton” (episode 6, Season 1) is my personal favorite due to the jump in character development. In this episode, we get some ridiculous but oddly touching background for our main cast that was mostly missing throughout the first season. Knowing some of the characters’ deeper motivations and troubles really makes them relatable (and funnier) in a brilliant way. Cabin Pressure has four seasons, so totally check it out and bring some light into your life.

Thug Notes

Thug Notes Get Lit
Thug Notes Get Lit

Wisecrack’s many channels specialize in examining all types of media from novels to film. Thug Notes, however, is in a class by itself. This hilarious show/podcast follows Sparky Sweets, Ph.D. as he breaks down classic literature in a way that anyone can understand. Combining urban slang and deep literature analyses, the show is both educational and a fun listen. If you ever want to catch up on some light reading or get a new outlook on a favorite, Thug Notes is for you.

Wizard and the Bruiser

Wizard and the Bruiser
Wizard and the Bruiser

I am a big fan of the Last Podcast Network, so I was excited to find out that they have to offer than the macabre. Wizard and the Bruiser cover the behind-the-scenes history of your favorite pop culture franchises. They have covered all sort of nostalgic media, from TMNT to Mortal Kombat. My current favorite episode focuses on The Never-Ending Story. Each episode is a fantastic ride through the years and a chance to see your childhood in a new light.


Hello from the Magic Tavern

Hello from the Magic Tavern banner image (cropped)
Hello from the Magic Tavern

This podcast is another laugh-out-loud romp. Hello From The Magic Tavern follows Arnie. After falling through a magical rift, Arnie arrives in a tavern in another world called Foon. Each episode revolves around him interviewing the magical residents there and slowly learning what Foon is all about. This podcast really shines with its humor and great characters. The slow worldbuilding and the casual interview style make this one a nice, light listen.

Your Turn

What podcasts make you smile? Leave your comments below!

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