Oscar Isaac Tapped to Be Moon Knight

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Isaac Rumored for Lead in Moon Knight Series

Is Oscar Isaac about to make the leap to Marvel? On Monday, Variety reported that the Star Wars actor was rumored to be picked to be Moon Knight. Isaac would be the lead player in a Disney+ series about the Fist of Khonshu, if true. The series is being showrun by Jeremy Slater for Marvel Studios. Marvel had no comment to Variety, but many sites are assuming that it is a done deal. 

Moon Knight #200 (Marvel Comics) variant cover by David Finch
Moon Knight #200 (Marvel Comics) variant cover by David Finch

This would be Isaac’s return to Marvel, having played the villain Apocalypse for X-Men: Apocalypse. However, the film got low reviews, and many mocked his character’s makeup. The actor also came to fame in numerous films, getting a Golden Globe nod for Inside Llewyn Davis

The Fist of Khonshu

Moon Knight is a very complex character. Marc Spector, a rabbi’s son, rejects his father’s faith and becomes a soldier, and then a mercenary. While on a job, he is nearly killed by one of his allies, only to be resurrected by Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. He becomes the god’s avatar, and a superpowered agent of street-level justice. Spector creates multiple identities to help him in his work. This, however, worsens his underlying Dissociative Identity Disorder, which has led to several complications throughout the years. Most recently, Spector has gone against the Avengers, as part of a plot by his patron to stop an infamous evil.

Representation for the Rabbi’s Son

While Isaac is a great actor and could be a good fit for the part, there is some grumbling in some corners. This writer joins in the grumbling; many Jewish superhero fans were hoping for a Jewish actor to get the part. This is due to Moon Knight’s Jewish heritage and occasional struggles between his father’s faith and his Egyptian patron god. Moon Knight is also an atypical role for a Jewish character, being a tall and powerful action hero versus the more usual dorky comic relief we play in most media. 

This has led to some contentious debates across social media. While Isaac claims to have some Jewish ancestry on his father’s side, some of us would prefer someone at least more familiar with Jewish customs and belief, not to mention the struggle between the faith of our ancestors and the modern world. There is also the fact we are an endangered minority ethnic group, one that still suffers the psychological horrors of the Holocaust. 

However, some people have been rudely dismissive of this desire. But in this age of “representation matters”, why should we Jews be denied a similar request and desire to see one of us in an atypical role for Jews to be in?

Moon Knight is still in preproduction for Disney+.


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