Outcast TV Show Canceled After Second Season

Outcast (Cinemax)


Robert Kirkman-Produced TV Show Outcast Canceled

The television show based on Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta’s comic book Outcast has been canceled by Cinemax after its second season. Kirkman also served as a producer for the show. Outcast‘s second season wrapped up in June of this year. There has not been much noise about the show until now. After the initial buzz, it seems the show slowly fizzled out.

From Comic to Television

Outcast (Cinemax) Patrick Fugit as Kyle Barnes

Outcast was a new horror comic from writer Robert Kirkman and artist Paul Azaceta, first published in June of 2014. It follows main character Kyle Barnes (played by actor Patrick Fugit) whose family seems to be plagued by demons throughout his years. The series follows Kyle trying to figure out why this is and how to stop it. Kirkman is noted to have already been developing Outcast for television before the first issue was released. 

Outcast began airing on Cinemax in June of 2016, two years after the comic book debut. The first season ran for 10 episodes, along with the second season as well. Outcast is noted as being a more horror/supernatural driven show/comic than Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, which starts season 9 October 7, 2019.

Not Fully Gone

It is hard to say for sure why Outcast has been canceled after two seasons—more than likely, low ratings. I, for one, never saw much advertisement for the show and honestly wasn’t aware it was still happening. Plus Cinemax is not the biggest household name and usually requires additional fees to get it either from your cable provider or streaming service.

There is good news, though; the comic book is still ongoing as we speak! After a little hiatus in the sequential storytelling world, Outcast will have issue #37 out this December! So, fans can still follow the story in comic book form. If you are a fan of the show and never read the comic, I guess it is a good time to pick up some trade paperbacks and jump on board the comics train! Well, for a while at least. It was just announced Outcast will end its run with issue #48.

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