Overwatch: 5 Ways to Counter the New Bastion

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With the recent launch of Overwatch competitive season 4, we gave you 5 tips for making the season awesome.Today, we’ll look at how to counter the new Bastion buff. In Patch 1.8.0, released 2/27/17 (the same day that competitive season 4 began), Bastion specifically saw some buffs that became a nightmare for enemy players. In that patch, Bastion saw a variety of improvements, including a new passive ability called Ironclad which made Bastion take 35% less damage while in Configuration: Sentry or Tank mode (read the full patch notes here.) While Bastion’s additional buffed ability to heal himself while moving (previously he had to be stationary) is annoying, it is this Ironclad passive that made Bastion almost impossible to deal with. With Bastion’s already powerful main ability and this additional damage reduction, many games can be spent focused so much on Bastion that it is challenging to focus on the rest of the enemy team. Thankfully, the Overwatch development team has listened to the fans and in PC Patch 1.8.2, Bastion’s Ironclad passive will only give him a damage reduction of 20% (read the full 1.8.2 patch notes here). While the damage reduction is an improvement, Bastion’s buff still makes him a powerful foe. Here are five ways to deal with the buffed Bastion and win more games. At the time of this post, the 20% reduction of Ironclad has yet to be released on XBox/PS4.

5. Take Down the Supports

Mercy Overwatch Bastion

Damage boosting a Bastion behind a Reinhardt shield is not a new tactic. However, since the 1.8.0 patch, many teams will give one of their healers, likely a Mercy, to Bastion to be pocketed (constantly healed). The problem with this is, if Bastion is taking less damage and being continuously healed while your team attacks him, you’re feeding both Bastion’s ultimate and Mercy’s ultimate ability. This means that even if you manage to kill the Bastion, Mercy will be able to resurrect him immediately. Support heroes should always be focused down quickly, but a Mercy that is directly supporting a Bastion is essential to take down.

4. Another Bastion

Overwatch Bastion turretThis requires a bit of coordination on your team’s part and can be harder to do if you’re attacking rather than defending when you don’t have optimal time to set up. However, a well protected (and pocketed) Bastion can easily take down another Bastion, healers, or tanks on the enemy team. The key here is keeping a low profile with Bastion while the opposing team is distracted with your tanks or flankers, then bring out the Bastion damage to mow them down quickly and secure the point/payload. Once your team has the advantage, their Bastion has to work harder to get into a secure location, making it easier for your team to render his abilities useless.

3. Discord Him Down

Zenyatta Discord Bastion Overwatch

Zenyatta’s Discord Orb is a powerful tool. With Discord Orb giving a 30% damage increase to affected targets, making Bastion’s Ironclad passive easier to counter. Targets with Discord Orb should always be focused down quickly, but this is especially true of a Bastion. If you are playing Zenyatta, call out who you’ve placed Discord Orb on so your team knows who to hit first. If the Bastion has a Mercy pocketing him, kill the Mercy first if possible then take down the Bastion. Using Discord then using Zenyatta’s Transcendence ultimate can allow your team a bit more support while they damage him down.

2. Put Him to Sleep

Ana Sleep Highlight Overwatch Bastion

Ana’s sleep dart allows Ana to sleep an enemy target for 5.5 seconds. So long as the slept target is not damaged, the target will remain incapacitated for the entire 5.5-second duration. This is useful against a Bastion because it stops him from damaging your team while they take down his protective tanks or healers. When your team is ready to deal with Bastion, you can break the sleep dart with a Biotic Grenade, making him unable to heal himself during that time while also providing a small amount of damage toward Bastion. A well planned Sleep Dart/Biotic Grenade combo can ruin a Bastion in no time.

1. Communication 

Overwatch Bastion
via GosuGamers
Above all, knowing where the enemy Bastion is when he’s used his Ultimate, and coordinating with your team is key to taking him down. As mentioned in our tips for making season 4 awesome, being constructive and being flexible about who you’re playing can turn around your game in a heartbeat. Junkrat’s mine and bombs can be a great Bastion counter if you’re able to get some high ground. Genji’s deflect can break down his health quickly, Zarya, Mei, or Reinhardt’s positioning ultimate abilities combined with most any high damage ultimate (Tracer’s Pulse Bomb, D. Va’s Mech, Hanzo’s Dragonstrike, etc.) can get rid of a Bastion in a pinch. A smart Bastion will move regularly, making call outs on his position key. 




It is easy to get salty over Bastion’s clearly overpowered status. However, with the right team composition and a bit of creativity, he doesn’t have to throw your entire game. If you’re losing too many games, don’t make the mistake of continuing on for too long or your rank will plummet. Like any other buff, Bastion’s tweaks will take some time to get used to. The soon to be released hero Orisa may also prove to be useful against Bastion’s improvements as she is more of a traditional tank. If you’re not up to date on Orisa’s abilities, read more about her and her origin story here.

What are your ideal ways to deal with Bastion? How’s your first week of competitive season 4 been going? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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