Overwatch Competitive Season 4 End Date Confirmed

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Overwatchers, get ready to count down the final days of Competitive Season 4. In response to a question posted by user BlackHole on the official Overwatch forums, Principle Designer Scott Mercer confirmed that the official end date for Season 4 is May 29th, at 0:00 UTC. Here’s his complete response:

overwatch season 4 scott mercer
via Overwatch Forum

Where to End Season 4

This means that if you have been trying to climb to the next rank, you’ve got six days to get there. Remember that when Season 5 begins, you will have ten placement matches to determine your rank, however, your final placement ranking is also affected by your MMR. If you want a good shot at maintaining your current rank (or being close to breaking into the next rank up), you want to end Season 4 as high of a rank as possible. If you start losing, take a break after a couple of games. Try to keep your cool and communicate with your team. Be flexible. If worse comes to worse and your rank has taken a nosedive, look at Season 5 as a (somewhat) clean slate. While climbing out of a low ranking is a struggle, it is possible.

Season 5 and Overwatch Anniversary Event

This season ending is on par with prior seasons, which have had a three-month run. Conveniently, the one year anniversary of Overwatch is May 24th, 2017. As Your Overwatch noted in a recent video, this information from Mercer, combined with the recent Xbox anniversary loot box leak gives us strong evidence to believe that the Overwatch anniversary event is confirmed and could drop on May 23rd as well. This would make sense as Blizzard releases game updates on Tuesdays. 

Editor’s Note: This afternoon, the Overwatch Team released the following trailer, recapping the first year of Overwatch. In the video, the Anniversary event is confirmed with a start date of May 23rd, 2017 – June 12th, 2017. We will update with new information on the upcoming anniversary event as it becomes available. Check out the trailer below:

How has Competitive Season 4 been going for you? Have you hit a new career high? What do you want to see in the anniversary event? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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