Overwatch Horizon Lunar Colony Map Preview and Developer Update Revealed

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Overwatch Horizon Lunar Colony Map Preview and Developer Update Revealed

Today, the development team at Overwatch released two new videos to their YouTube channel. The first video is a preview of the previously teased map Horizon Lunar Colony. With the teased blog post from Monday, suspicions of a new lunar map were confirmed. 

While Overwatch news channels like YourOverwatch recently covered the possibility of a moon map (and talked about some recently leaked moon voice lines), this video is the first real preview of the map itself. We get a look around the map and hear Winston’s own views of his time at Horizon. Check it out below:

In the developer update, Kaplan goes over the fine details of what Horizon will entail.

What is Horizon Lunar Colony:

Horizon Lunar Colony is an Assault map with new elements and strategy potential for both attacking and defending teams.

Jeff mentions (at 0:35) that the development team wanted to deliver what the community has been asking for — more maps and more story. Kaplan also notes that the team felt that a new assault map was needed. 

The current assault map list includes Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries. Jeff mentions “fun elements” like both attackers and defenders will have an opportunity to gain high ground on first attack point.

In addition to the new low gravity areas, Horizon Lunar Colony will have some unique high ground potential and low ground/flank options for Objective B to help alleviate some frustrations attacking teams have on Temple and Hanamura. 

What about Gravity?

Kaplan gets into the specifics of how gravity affects the map at 2:10. He explains that in order to keep things balanced, when an attacking team approaches point A, there are airlock doors on the right-hand side which lead you to a low gravity zone.

While this allows you to flank (on the moon itself!), complete with low gravity.

If this sounds a bit too foreign, don’t worry, Kaplan notes that there will be an arcade card/mode enabled (for at least a week) with low gravity on ALL maps to get comfortable with the low gravity experience. Kaplan brings up low gravity feeling broken quite a bit, so that should make for some interesting gameplay. 

Additionally, Custom Game options will also have gravity options to explore.

Horizon Lunar Colony Story 

Kaplan explains (at 4:38) about how they wanted to tell more of Winston’s story, “through the contextual story of the map.” Kaplan notes as much of the community has been stating since that blog post, the recall animated short as a nod to Winston’s life on the colony. Kaplan also suggests through the map we may discover some “mysteries” and names of Winston’s peers. If that’s foreshadowing to future heroes or more information on Hammond from the blog post, is yet to be seen.

As always, Kaplan assures that if the map needs tweaks after launch, the team will rework it in time. 

Kaplan ends the update with a cheeky reminder that “In space, everyone can hear Torbjorn scream.”

Back on Earth (sort of)

While the release date for this map is TBD, we do have other exciting Overwatch news. 

In addition to the excitement of this new map preview, remember that the Overwatch Anniversary event is still going strong. You have until June 12th to win (or purchase) the event skins/emotes/sprays. Finally, the 5th competitive season of Overwatch begins in a matter of hours. While the release date is June 1st, the game will release at 5 pm PST, 8 pm EST. 

Are you excited for Horizon Lunar Colony? What do you think of the low gravity areas? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Images via Overwatch.

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