Overwatch: Orisa Official Release Date Revealed

Today, confirmation of when the 24th hero to Overwatch, Orisa will be released thanks to Blizzard’s three-minute behind-the-scenes video posted to the games’ Facebook page this morning. Check it out below:


In the video, some of the development team talks about how they created Orisa, what made her stand out to them as a hero to move forward with and recaps a bit of Orisa’s backstory. 

In explaining how Orisa came to be, Kaplan notes what a lot of the player base has been noticing — this hero is a bit of a mashup of the characters we know and love. She tanks similar to Rhinehart, has a Bastion-like cannon and makes use of many familiar abilities, yet she has her own style. This is a large part of what Kaplan says made her “Instantly fun”. 

Not familiar with who Orisa is? Learn more about Orisa, her abilities and her backstory here

A Futuristic Look  

The team goes on to explain that “The look of Orisa really spawned from the idea of wanting to do an African mech. We followed the futuristic feel of the Numbani map.” The team also noted that her unique look, being a quadruped was based on wanting to explore the look and feel of the

The team also noted that her unique look, being a quadruped was based on wanting to explore the look and feel of the Omnic Crisis, which had a wide variety of AI we have not yet seen in Overwatch itself. 

Her Role

Again reaping some of what we learned in Orisa’s announcement and origin story, the team reiterates that Orisa serves as the current guardian of Numbani, but that she is new to her role as a hero. 

Not only is Orisa’s appearance unique, but her introduction to the player base is something fresh as well. Before Orisa, no other character has been introduced to Overwatch in their infancy. Not only does this give the Overwatch team open range with which to craft Orisa’s own personality, but it allows them a wider range of exploration with her ablates and how she will grow as the Overwatch universe progresses. 

The behind-the-scenes look concludes with the official release date for Orisa, which says: 

Orisa Activates 3.21.17

While this behind the scenes serves more as a teaser than anything else, it does show the development team’s excitement for what Orisa brings to the game. This style of character release, with little background story or history with the Overwatch universe, also serves as a new path for the development team. With characters like Orisa, we can explore more of the Omnic Crisis, the citizens of the world, and how they all relate to the original Overwatch team.

Are you excited to play Orisa? Do you think another “anchor tank” as Kaplan says was a wise choice to the Overwatch hero lineup? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


Image via Blizzard.

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