Overwatch “Uprising” Event Begins Today

Earlier today, the Overwatch team released a teaser clip for the latest Overwatch in-game event, “Uprising”. While this may seem like old news to most Overwatch fans who learned about the Uprising event thanks to a leaked Insurrection video earlier this week, hints from Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan in a recent GameSpot interview, and the latest Overwatch comic also titled “Uprising”, there is plenty about this event to get hyped for. This PvE event takes place on Kings Row and takes place from April 11th-May 1st. Like any Overwatch event, there are plenty of new skins, sprays, and highlight intros to unlock. Here’s a look at the “Uprising” trailer and Developer Update.

Warning: Mild Uprising Spoilers to follow.

Breaking Down the “Uprising” Trailer

The video begins on Kings Row, seven years prior. Jack Morrison (Soldier 76) is reporting that London is under attack and Kings Row has fallen. Overwatch agents and the Blackwatch respond to Morrison’s call. 

On the brink of war, the omnics have overtaken Kings Row. The “Strike Team” heads to Kings Row, complete with their newest recruit — Tracer. We see Reinhart, Mercy, Tracer, and Torbjorn all in battle with the purple omnics. Like the standard Kings Row map objective, Reinhardt mentions moving the payload forward, before we see the payload explode and the Uprising title come on the screen.

Next, we see a taste of the new event skins, including Blackwatch McCree and Genji, Talon Widowmaker, Overwatch Agents Torbjörn, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Tracer. The video boasts over 100 new loot box items to unlock during the three-week long event (including a wedding picture spray). 

The Trailer concludes with an ominous looking omnic turning to face the viewer. 

“Uprising” Loot Boxes and Lore 

The official Overwatch site notes that Uprising will give players insight into Tracer’s first mission. In his recent GameSpot interview, Kaplan noted that the recently released Uprising comic and in-game event will give players more insight into the Overwatch story than ever before. In the same interview, Kaplan noted that this event was in large response to players requesting an in-game event that was central to an Overwatch event, in contrast to past events that have fallen in line with real world holidays, like Halloween, the Holiday season, and the Chinese New Year. 

Watch the full “Uprising” trailer below:



How to Experience Uprising

In today’s Developer Update from Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, we know that the Uprising event is found in the Arcade mode of the game. As Kaplan notes in today’s developer update, there are two ways to experience the event. In the first option (explained at 3:45), you play as Reinhart, Torbjorn, Mercy and Tracer against PvE omnibus with direction from Morrison (Solider 76) and Amari (Ana). Kaplan notes that this PvE event is longer than the previous PvE event Junkenstein’s Revenge. The second option (explained at 4:20), gives you the same Uprising brawl, but you are able to use any hero you wish.

For more information on “Uprising” check out the origin story, posted to the Overwatch YouTube channel today.

Are you excited to play “Uprising”? What skins are you looking forward to unlocking? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images via Overwatch.

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