Paper Girls Is Hitting the Small Screen


Amazon Just Announced Their Plans to Adapt Paper Girls

Image Comics’ Paper Girls is officially getting the adaptation treatment, according to the latest announcement from Amazon Studios.

Paper Girls

Paper Girls Book Three (Image Comics) cover by Cliff Chiang
Paper Girls Book Three (Image Comics) cover by Cliff Chiang

Paper Girls is a graphic novel series from Image Comics, and it has really been only a matter of time before this one got picked up. Created by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang, the series follows four paper girls and the insane adventure they dive into.

While the series starts out in 1988, it does not stay put. That’s right, it’s a time-traveling series, sending the girls all through time before their jobs come to an end. How did they achieve this? By getting caught up in an inter-generational time war.

The series is trippy, fascinating, and powerful, all in one. It’s one of those series that makes readers think, and that is one of the many reasons it has garnered so much attention since it’s creation. If this sounds like it’s the perfect next read for you, you can read the first issue for free on Image’s site.

The Crew

Brian Vaughan is the writer for Paper Girls. You might recognize that name, as he’s been behind several other hits (Ex Machina, Y: The Last Man, and Saga to name a few). Meanwhile, Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel) was the artist, working alongside Matthew Wilson (Undiscovered Country, The Wicked + The Divine) and Jared K. FletcherĀ (Southern Bastards, All-New X-Factor).

The News

Here’s the news that makes this article worthwhile. According to Deadline, Legendary Television and Plan B are working together in order to bring this adaptation to life. Stephany Folsom (Toy Story 4) took charge of writing the adaptation, while Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers also joined on for the project.

Best news of all? Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang are the executive producers for this latest project. Hopefully, that means the entire thing is in safe hands, and that fans can expect a loyal adaption. Or at the very least, something that rings true to the heart of the series so many love.


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