Paragon’s Unfortunate Fate

Success for One, Doom for the Other

The overwhelming success of Epic Games’ Fortnite has brought unfortunate news. Paragon, a popular free-to-play MOBA on the PlayStation and PC, is shutting down. In a statement made by Epic Games about the closure, they discuss the difficulties in player sustainability, apologizing for disappointing players. Instead of splitting resources, they wish to attend solely to the continued development of Fortnite.

 “We have failed you — despite the team’s incredibly hard work — and we’re sorry.”

The game is set to shut down on April 26th, with gradual degradation of quality leading up to it. Epic Games also announced that players who spent money will receive a full refund from the company itself. They reasoned that they let down many fans and players alike, so the least they could do was offer money back for money spent.  

A Paragon of Solidarity

Paragon fans refuse to give up without a fight, however. Petitions, postings, requests, boycotts, and other such measures have popped up since the closure news. Fans have requested that Epic Games sell the rights to Paragon to an interested studio, rather than complete closure. Consequently, few have even attacked Fortnite, comparing it to a short “sprint” with Paragon being a “marathon”. A thread titled “#PleaseSaveParagon” instantly received 6000 up-votes upon creation. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the community desperately wants to save their beloved game.

The Waiting Game

For the most part, the community can only wait to see if Epic Games will respond to their pleas. With the popularity and success of Fortnite, Paragon’s chances look rather dim. Yet with enough fan outcry, a response might come around the corner. Maybe another studio will offer up a bid. Until then, players can only sit by until April 26th rolls around.

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