PC vs. Mac: Which Has Superior Security?


When it comes to topics that can divide groups of friends, it’s hard to beat the “PC vs. Mac” debate. While some people are staunchly in the PC club, others would rather go back to using manual typewriters and rotary phones before using anything other than a Mac.

Granted, when it comes to sending emails, creating documents and conducting research on the internet, both types of computers can certainly get the job done. But there are some definite differences between the two which are important. For instance, if you are concerned about falling victim to a security hack, it is worth looking into the pros and cons of each computer.

First, no computer is foolproof

PC vs. Mac: Which Has Superior Security?Before examining the security features of Macs and PCs, it is important to offer some cautionary advice that there is truly no such thing as a hack-proof computer. As cybersecurity becomes stronger, crooks are becoming savvier too, meaning that there is not a foolproof system or method that guarantees your security will never be compromised. This is why — no matter what type of computer you decide is more secure — it is important to invest in a plan that will monitor your identity round the clock. This will help you keep an electronic eye on all of your sensitive data. If there is a data breach of some sort, you will be alerted of any issues and get expert help remedying any damage.

Are Macs malware-proof?

In a word, no. Macs have long had the reputation of being more secure than PCs, due to the fact that there are not many viruses that can infect a Mac. As PC owners can well attest, they must download virus protection programs and make sure they are kept up to date and are running 24/7. But while viruses might favor PCs over Macs, malware is a more equal opportunity offender. Mac computers are generally thought of as being safe from malware attacks, but ransomware that targeted the Microsoft Windows operating system has migrated over to the Apple OS X.

Which type of computer is more vulnerable to attack?

In general, it seems to be more difficult to find a vulnerability in Mac software. Interestingly, there are actually more potential weak spots in Mac systems than PCs — but just because a computer is vulnerable in some way, it does not mean a cyber attack will be successful. Once cybercriminals have determined a weakness in a Mac, they then have to work on figuring out how to get into the system — and by then, Apple has usually figured out what is going on and has released a patch to prevent it.

The bottom line: Macs and PCs are both prone to issues

When the (computer) chips are down, both Apple and Windows are dealing with cybercrime. While Apple appears to be better at blocking these attacks, if you have a robust virus and malware protection program on your PC and are vigilant about downloading the updates, your Windows program may sail along just fine without any issues. The most important thing to remember is to stay alert and realize that any computer can fall victim to an attack. Invest in an identity theft alert program, never assume that a Mac will never be hacked and you should find that either computer will be a good choice for your business and personal use.

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