Pennyworth Trailer Proves That the Series Is Going to Be Brutal


The Full Trailer for Pennyworth Has Dropped, and It Looks Brutal

EPIX, the guys behind Gotham, are not done yet. This week they dropped the trailer for their Pennyworth series. And those of us that know his backstory well are still blown away by it.


Pennyworth is the newest series coming to Fox in the near future. The minds behind Gotham are also working on Pennyworth, which went a lot way in setting out expectations for the series.

Anybody that has read the comics, or even paid attention during the movies and shows, will probably know a bit about Alfred’s past. He wasn’t always a butler to the Wayne family. In fact, there was once a time where he had a dangerous life. And that is exactly what the new series is going to explore—and then some.

Fox Series

This Pennyworth may feel a bit more Bond-esque than some of us may have anticipated. But it sure is going to make for an interesting series. And who knows, maybe Pennyworth was a bit of a Bond back in the day!

Jack Bannon is playing the role of Alfred Pennyworth. Supporting him are actors such as Emma Corrin, Jason Flemyng, Ryan Fletcher, Emma Paetz, Polly Walker, and Hainsley Lloyd Bennet. Meanwhile, we can expect the series to drop on July 28th.

Alfred, a 20-something ex-SAS soldier, needs a cause to take up. Instead, he starts up a muscle-for-hire sort of business. Naturally, this business eventually brings him to people like the Wayne family. Need we say more?

The Trailer

Wow, that is one dramatic trailer. This version of Pennyworth is a blend between Batman and Bond. And we’re hoping it’ll end up being the best of both worlds, in the long run. There is plenty of drama, action, and hints at seduction in this relatively short trailer. We can only imagine what the whole series is going to contain!

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