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The Best Nerdy Holiday Sweaters of the Season

Perfect Holiday Sweaters for Winter Nerds

The holidays are here and so are the wind and snow! Holiday sweaters are a wintertime staple, from the weird vest your kindergarten teacher wore all of December to the trendy hipster “ugly sweaters” or a plain cozy cardigan. What you might not know is that there are plenty of holiday sweaters that are just as nerdy as they are festive. Whether you’re playing video games to stay warm or chilling out with the newest Netflix marathon, there is a cozy holiday sweater for every kind of nerd. Grab one for yourself to impress your in-laws, or pick some up as gifts for the chilly geeks in your life! 

For the Ultimate PlayStation Fan!

PlayStation Holiday Sweater - The Best Nerdy Holiday Sweaters of the Season
PlayStation Holiday Sweater

This Playstation sweater from BoxLunch features a PlayStation logo that communicates exactly what you wish you were doing instead of picking out a tree or waiting in line to see Santa. Festive holiday decorations cleverly disguise PlayStation buttons, which could probably pass for tree ornaments or something (as far as your judgmental blind grandmother is concerned). We recommend ordering a size up so you can pull the ends of your sleeves over your cold gaming fingers.




Stay Cozy On Hoth

Star Wars Holiday Sweater - The Best Nerdy Holiday Sweaters of the Season
Star Wars Holiday Sweater

There are so many choices for Star Wars holiday sweaters online, which is great considering the holiday season means one thing for Star Wars fans: NEW MOVIES! This snowflake-studded option from Merchoid is one of the best. This sweater will last you through December, all the way to standing in line at 2 AM for the opening of all your Star Wars dreams at Disneyland. Cozy up with a galactic sweater that will keep you safe and warm from both the winds of Hoth and the cold jealous stares of everyone forced to wear a regular holiday sweater. 



It’s Cold In The Upside Down

Stranger Things Holiday Sweater - The Best Nerdy Holiday Sweaters of the Season
Stranger Things Holiday Sweater

It’s cold in the Upside Down, but hopefully, you have some of your best friends to keep you warm and safe. No? Well, at least you can have this cool sweater from BoxLunch. The black and red theme is a little edgy for a holiday sweater, but it matches the retro horror vibe of Stranger Things (and the Netflix logo…coincidence?). Snuggle up with your favorite Demogorgon and get ready to hang some Christmas lights. Maybe you should buy Eleven of them, just in case. 




Christmas Is Coming

Game of Thrones Sweater - The Best Nerdy Holiday Sweaters of the Season
Game of Thrones Holiday Sweater

We all know Winter is Coming, but what about Christmas? This Jon Snow holiday sweater is definitely more festive than the bastard son himself, but it’s perfect for a nerdy holiday party. With Stark sigils, the signature Game of Thrones font, and some well-placed snowflakes (ha) and trees, this is the perfect mix of holiday cheer and Westeros. Who would say no to a permanent Kit Harrington embroidered on their fancy sweater forever? Not us. Find this gem on Etsy, and snuggle up for the last season of Game of Thrones



It’s Dangerous To Go Without A Sweater!

Legend of Zelda holiday sweater - The Best Nerdy Holiday Sweaters of the Season
Legend of Zelda holiday sweater

The Legend of Zelda is legendary- and so is this amazing holiday sweater. This sweater features the adorable Link, teeny tiny Triforce pieces, and a sword! Whether you are headed home to celebrate with your family or cuddled up with your controller, this holiday sweater is perfect. It is definitely worth the rupees and will keep you warm and cozy even in the darkest of dungeons. Break open your pots and get ready to send ThinkGeek some money, because this holiday sweater is a must-have for Hyrulians everywhere.


Thanks, Mrs. Weasley!

Harry Potter Holiday Sweater - The Best Nerdy Holiday Sweaters of the Season
Harry Potter Holiday Sweater

There are so many options for Harry Potter holiday sweaters. That’s no surprise, considering the Harry Potter movies are on a non-stop marathon on cable TV from October 1st to after New Year’s Day. There is something about Harry Potter that is perfect for the holiday season. What could be better than getting a sweater right out of the world of Harry Potter? Though Ron and his siblings are tired of Mrs. Weasley’s signature handmade sweaters, Harry couldn’t be more excited- and we’re on his side! Get your very own Weasley sweater, with any letter you want, on Etsy! Forget matching family pajamas; it’s Weasley sweaters for everyone this year!

Knit Me Up, Scotty

Star Trek Holiday Sweater - The Best Nerdy Holiday Sweaters of the Season
Star Trek Holiday Sweater

What better way to spread holiday cheer than with the spread of peace and diplomacy throughout the universe? This Star Trek sweater is based on the Original Series, with decorative Starfleet insignia and U.S.S. Enterprise patterns, with a few festive snowflakes! This just might be the coziest sweater in the galaxy, so get one for your entire crew! Curl up with a steaming cup of tea (Earl Grey, hot) and enjoy the holidays in the festive Star Trek sweater from ThinkGeek


A Very Warcraft Christmas

World of Warcraft Holiday Sweater - The Best Nerdy Holiday Sweaters of the Season
World of Warcraft Holiday Sweater

If you can wrestle yourself out of Azeroth for long enough to celebrate the holidays, this is the perfect sweater to keep you warm away from the hum of your computer. This World of Warcraft sweater features swords, snowflakes, WoW symbols, trees, and…Murlocs! Murlocs are the elves of World of Warcraft, I guess. [Editor’s note: No. No, they aren’t. They’re more like piranhas.] They are small, green and mischievous – close enough! The Horde and Alliance alike will love this World of Warcraft sweater. Make sure to get it from the official Blizzard store, and get a special “Merchy” pin with your 2017 order!


For family dinners, ugly sweater parties, Christmas Eve, Chinese food and a movie, or just to wear the whole year through, there is nothing better for a wintertime nerd than a cozy, geeky holiday sweater. Even if your favorite fandom isn’t listed here, there is a holiday sweater for every nerd! 

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