Book Review – Plague Town (Ashley Parker #1)


Plague TownPLAGUE TOWN begins Dana Fredsti’s first series with pizzazz. Ashley is a freshman at a rural California college – a freshman with an attitude, a huge ego, and no idea why everyone takes life so seriously. She dates for status and she’s routinely late for class. Ashley can’t help but say every thought that comes into her head… at the wrong moment, to the wrong person, completely descriptive, and full of snark. But she’s about to learn that the world does not revolve around her.

Playing on the real-life conspiracy theory that vaccines are involved in a mysterious plot to rule the world, Dana Fredsti has imagined a flu shot that kills its victims slowly and turns their corpses into the flesh-eating walking dead. Only the Wild Cards – a minuscule percent of humans – don’t die and rise hungry. But that fraction is the zombie’s favorite all-you-can-eat fast food. Wild Cards don’t usually survive to band together.

Ashley is a Wild Card. Thanks to her genetics, she now has additional strength and agility. She is forced into becoming a top zombie-slashing machine. And Ashley is pissed. The spoiled brat will have to learn to channel her anger management problem and mature to take back Redwood Grove. It will involve cats, a mountain of shaving cream, a slinky and a hot guy.

This wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read. It wasn’t well edited in multiple spots. The plot was often predictable. With unnecessary frequency, The narrative was jarringly interrupted by flashes from the POV of strangers dying from the zombie virus. And, yet…

It’s in the prose. PLAGUE TOWN is a hilarious read from which to collect pithy quotes, read strange descriptions that make a crazy kind of sense and get to know an X-Men team worth of personality disorders. It’s a novel on right vs. moral actions, the duty owed to the community (over the self) and a gore-filled celebration of girl-power. And liking it has nothing to do with Ash sharing my last name *Smirk*

* * * * *

How bloody does it get?

* * * * *

There were a dozen or so cots, all occupied by thrashing people. None of them looked good. Sallow, greenish-yellow skin tone, like jaundice with a bad case of mold. Blood and other fluids leaking from their mouths, noses, and ears. Some had raw wounds on their arms or legs while others had bandages seeping through with blood–or in some cases, nasty, foul-smelling blackish ooze. Most of them had restraints strapped across their arms, waists, and legs, along with metal collars around their necks. The straps were totally disturbing, and the collars were strangely decorated with a bunch of rings. It was just plain creepy.

* * * * *

Pithy quotes, you say?

* * * * *

If my mind hadn’t already been blown, I think that would have done it.

Yes, Virginia, there really is a zombie apocalypse.

* * * * *

Explain this about odd descriptions making sense.

* * * * *

“Do I have a choice?” she replied. Wow. There was enough bitterness in her tone to sour a bowl of Hawaiian punch.

* * * * *

And Ashley shows personal growth?

* * * * *

I myself resisted the urge to drink more than one beer. Nothing says “stupid” like zombie hunting with a hangover.

* * * * *

Series: Ashley Parker/Plague
Publisher: Titan Books
Pub. Date: April 3, 2012
Pages: 368

And you can find the next in the Ashley Parker series installment from Dana Fredsti and Titan Books on Amazon here or read my in-depth review here.



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