Ready to Play Cuphead in the Most Expensive Gaming Console?

 Cuphead Port on the Move

You ready to play Cuphead on the newest console? You have any guesses? Not the new Xbox or the PS5. No, not the upgraded Switch or Google Stadia. You figured it out yet? If you guessed a Tesla then how in the world did you guess that? If you read beforehand you are now a liar and a cheat… Kidding!

Cuphead coming to Tesla announcement poster
Official and very retro-looking announcement.

That’s right, all my very few Tesla drivers who might be reading this. The hit game, Cuphead, from Studio MDHR could be heading to your Tesla in a garage near you! Probably your garage. According to a podcast with Ryan McCaffrey (and yes, I learned of this information via Polygon, who got it from The Verge, so thanks, homies) “Elon Musk told McCaffrey that the Unity engine works on the Tesla platform—which is the engine driving the ultrahard run-and-gun game from 2017.” Musk also stated that Cuphead was “a cool game” and “it’s insanely difficult.”

I Love Mad Scientists

If we are being honest, who else would think about getting games available in an electric car, other than Elon Musk? Apparently, in some old Tesla software, he left some Easter eggs for people to find that were, in fact, some old Atari games… I know what you’re thinking, “At what point do we play VR games while driving are electric cars, Shane?” Five years. Take that to the bank!

Don’t take it to the bank! I don’t know, honestly, but having video games built into the software in our cars feels likes Musk is getting ready for a future where we are no longer driving our cars. According to the Polygon post, the games can only be played while in park, but it’s not known if in the future if the games could be played by passengers during a drive. As well as some storage limitations, this video game built into our car future still feels a little bit off aways, but I’m looking forward to it.

You know what: next week I’ll post an article all about the possibilities of what this could mean in my new series of posts, called Weirder Science.

(Please let me do this, guys; it’ll be so much fun!)

Sound Off

So what do you think? You excited to play Cuphead through your car display? Any other games you’d like in your Tesla? Let me know down in the comments below!

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