Playing Catch Up: A Big Bad Spy Party with Lady Soldiers and Lolitas

playcatchupWelcome to Playing Catch Up, the look back at gaming news, tidbits, and general cool stuff that happened this week. Let’s go!

Telltale’s next big project was announced not too long ago, but this week the first trailer was revealed. The Wolf Among Us is based on another popular comic book, Vertigo’s Fables by  Bill Willingham.

The Wolf Among Us puts players in the furry role of Bigby, better known as the Big Bad Wolf. He is a fairy tale character who has been trapped in the real world, along with other famous characters like Snow White, Prince Charming, and the Three Little Pigs. Think Once Upon a Time with more adult themes and less amnesia.

The game takes place before the events of the first comic, and promises to be far less linear and more action packed than 2012’s The Walking Dead. In this interview with Game Informer:

To further drive replayability, The Wolf Among Us gives you the choice of when you go to certain locations in the story, which allows players the chance to see the story unfold in completely different ways. Two events will happen at the same time, and the timeline of the other event continues no matter what you choose to experience. Once you show up to the event you put off, it’s happening under a different set of circumstances. “To experience [the story] from a lot of different perspectives [and] to see what’s happening everywhere, all the time, you’re going to have to play the game multiple times, which is something we didn’t do in The Walking Dead,” [Telltale’s President and CTO Kevin] Bruner says.

Look for Episode One of The Wolf Among Us later this summer on all platforms… except the Wii U.


A collection of characters from the game: a chubby mustached man with light skin, a light skinned pretty woman with a brunette beehive, a tall handsome gentleman with fair skin and pencil mustache, an older pale-skinned woman with silver hair, and a middle-aged dark-skinned man with a cane.

The indie game SpyParty has generated some quiet buzz for a long time now. The game describes itself as “an asymmetric multiplayer espionage game, dealing with the subtlety of human behavior, character, personality, and social mores, instead of the usual spy game explosions and car chases.” Basically, one person is the Spy and another person is the Sniper. The Spy’s job is to blend in at a party and complete objectives. The Sniper must kill the Spy from outside the party. Basically, it’s a reverse Turing Test, as the Spy tries his best to appear like the rest of the AI in the game.

Production on the game has been painfully slow, but hey. It’s an incredibly small team of 2 talented people working on an entirely new concept.

But I’ll tell you what… the latest images to come out of this tiny, unique project are pretty cool. Check out the new in-game graphics and animations that were revealed this week! The newest animations are also shown side by side with previous versions.

There is no release date for SpyParty. It’ll be done when it’s done. No word on the Wii U, but probably not.


Hey. Hey guys, did you know that women are in the military now? On the front lines and everything! Of course, looking at popular video games that depict modern warfare, you’d never know it.

Thankfully, Call of Duty: Ghosts has officially announced the ability to play as a female soldier in multiplayer! Sexism is over!

A light-skinned female soldier holding a machine gun.The female avatar will have exactly the same hit areas on their bodies as the male avatars, so there is no advantage to picking the gender that in real life might be smaller and leaner on the battlefield.

Now before you say, “Seriously, game devs, was that so hard?”, there was a reason. In an interview with Kotaku, CoD: Ghosts executive producer Mark Rubin said:

A lot of it was the engine. Our previous engine would not handle that. The way memory worked in the previous engine, it never would have been able to do [custom looks.] When we got a chance to re-tool the engine completely, that gave us the opportunity to make the change that we could have character customization. That then gave us the opportunity to do female characters.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be available on all major platforms (including the Wii U!!) on November 5, 2013.


Y’know what I hate? Video game trailers that don’t show a spit of video game footage. Here’s another for the upcoming Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!

The latest trailer is a mix of cool and cliché, and it comes with the news that Game of Throne‘s star Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) will voice the Emperor of Nilfgaard in CD Projekt RED’s next installment in the Witcher franchise. His character will probably make me feel like a worthless pile of dung and I will love every minute of it.


Come out from under that rock so I can tell you all about the newest Humble Origin Bundle! Yep, right now you can pay what you want for 6 EA titles: Dead Space, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space 3, and Medal of Honor. Pay more than the average to unlock Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 + Starter Pack. The games are unlockable on EA’s Origin system or Steam.

Now here’s what is especially notable: Most Humble Bundles allow the buyer to choose how much goes to the developers, how much goes to charity, and how much goes to Humble Bundle themselves. EA is not taking a cut. At all. EA is donating all their profits from the Humble Origin Bundle sale to 5 different charities.

Pretty awesome, and maybe worth putting up with the Origin DRM system.


Finally this week, we here at Playing Catch Up like to feature some talented nerd’s hard work, be it cosplay, fanart, what have you. Today we bring you cosplay AND fan art of the cosplay. Behold!

A dark skinned woman with short black hair, wearing a frilly black Lolita dress with N7 markings and a pistol.

RogueMumei put together this adorable and impressive Lolita Shepard Mass Effect ensemble for Otakon. This, in turn, inspired Tumblr artist Missus-Ruin to render her in adorable chibi form.

Drawing of a dark skinned woman in a frilly black Lolita N7 dress, holding a pistol.

Have a great weekend, all!

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