Playing Catch Up: DC Dame DLC, Wii U Fail, & Games with Colons!

playcatchupWelcome to Playing Catch Up, the look back at gaming news, tidbits, and general cool stuff that happened this week. Let’s go!

So last week we bemoaned the lack of Batgirl in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins game. However, another favorite DC lady is joining another game entirely! Thanks for the bone, we’ll take it!

We are pleased to inform you that Raven will no longer be the only token magic chick in Injustice: Gods Among Us (Thank Grodd).

Yes, Zatanna has been confirmed to join Injustice: Gods Among Us as a DLC character. The magical heroine is available for 400 MS Points on the Xbox and $5 on the PlayStation 3. Siht si annog eb teews.

And once again, the extra awesome content doesn’t appear to be available for the Wii U.


Photo of the Wii U
Nobody likes U.

Speaking of the Wii U, Nintendo has posted a quarterly profit of ¥8.62 billion (approximately $88.2 million/£58 million) from April to June. This is… reeeeally low for a company like Nintendo. The company has been selling the Wii U at a loss. For that three month period, only 160,000 Wii U units were sold internationally. It should also be noted that almost nine times as many Nintendo 3DS units were sold in those same three months: 1.4 million worldwide. Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the most popular game for the 3DS currently, has sold 1.54 million copies during the quarter.

Look, Nintendo. The Wii U’s inability to play nice with cross-platform developers is hurting you. Your system isn’t providing nearly as much content for the same exact games, and even Bethesda said recently that the Wii U is “not on our radar” due to hardware limitations.

Nintendo hopes the upcoming HD re-release of Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker will stimulate profits. We think Nintendo needs to ditch the gimmicks, stop relying on nostalgia, and take some risks with some new IP’s. What do you think Nintendo needs to do to get those Wii U’s selling?


Gentle readers, this reporter knows not to buy into the hype. She knows to keep her expectations in check. But OMIGAWD, YOU GUYS, DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION.

Cover of Game Informer depicting Cassandra and Varric standing before a dragon.
Aw yiss.

You’d think it was enough for the September issue of Game Informer to give us a glimpse of Cassandra, a dragon, and Varric, a.k.a. the greatest dwarf ever to walk the lands of Thedas. But wait there’s more! The magazine also dropped huge steaming loads of knowledge about the upcoming BioWare sequel. Here’s the skinny:

  • Multiple Races Return! Hated the limitation of playing a human with one backstory in Dragon Age 2? Great news! Dragon Age: Inquisition allows you to play as a human, an elf, or a dwarf for your fully voiced protagonist.
  • Mounts! Footage of alpha gameplay reveals that you will be able to ride a horse for the very first time.
  • Almost Open World! Okay, so we’re not talking Skyrim here, but BioWare promises that there will be huge areas to explore.
  • Tactical Action Combat! Some players loved the tactical combat of Origins, while others embraced the action-based combat of Dragon Age 2. Dragon Age: Inquisition promises a balance of the two. Fast, exciting combat with strong strategic elements.
  • The Inquisition is Yours! The third game promises a large focus on choices. The Inquisition that you lead is not part of the Chantry, the government, or any existing faction. It’s entirely yours to build and shape as you like, choosing the allies you want to have at your side, and attacking the fortresses of those who would cross you.

Watch for Dragon Age: Inquisition in Fall of 2014.


Civilization Online is a real thing, it’s actually happening, aaaand you’re probably not going to be able to play it. But here’s the trailer.

Earlier this week, XL CEO Jake Song was interviewed by Joystiq about Civilization Online.

 A unique take on MMOs, this expansive seamless game world is comprised of a number of different civilizations — starting with four at launch, adding more as needed — and players will create a custom avatar to help to advance their chosen one in order through the following six eras: Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial, and Modern. Each world is considered a session, and play in that session continues until the victory conditions are met and one civilization wins. Victory conditions include either one civilization conquering most of the world, or one reaching the pinnacle of the Modern age and creating space travel.

Sounds cool, right? Yeah, about that. Unless you’re reading this from South Korea, you’re not going to get a chance to play. There are no plans to release the game in North America, and it’s safe to assume there will be no release in Europe, either. Sorry to get you all excited for nothing.


And finally this week, let’s plug my new favorite Kickstarter: Men vs Cosplay: 2014 Gaming Calendar Project.

Cap Santiago, a cosplayer, dressed as Dovakhiin from Skyrim
Cap Santiago – Mr. January

We’re celebrating the talented male costumers of the cosplay community with a video game-themed calendar for 2014!

Our group, Men vs Cosplay, is launching it’s first calendar and highlighting some of the very best the male costuming community has to offer in gaming!

Our team reached out to gamers, convention goers and cosplayers, and we’re putting together a roster that brings our favorite characters to life – plucked from the realms ofSkyrimMetal Gear Solid, Dragon AgeAssassin’s Creed, Resident Evil, Warhammer 40k, Fallout, and more!

Have a great weekend of gaming everyone!

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