Poison Ivy Recast in Gotham Season 3

After the finale of Gotham’s second season, it is clear that exciting changes are to be expected in season 3. Several rumors, including the casting and appearance of Mad Hatter and Vicki Vale, are proving to be true. Now, it seems fans can also expect a recast and revamped role of the series’ Ivy Pepper.

Poison Ivy is Coming to Gotham

Gotham Poison Ivy Recast 1Currently played by 14-year-old Clare Foley, Ivy Pepper has thus far been slated as a background character and elusive friend of Selina Kyle. In the upcoming season, however, Ivy Pepper will transition into the villainess of Poison Ivy, with a new actress undertaking the role. With the introduction of the full-fledged “would-be eco-terrorist,” Poison Ivy, Clare Foley will not be returning to the show.

Casting is still in progress as the Gotham executives search for the perfect actress in her late teens. With the change in casting and the character’s role in the comics, it’s possible that Poison Ivy could be the “young villainess who uses her sexuality to entrap men” that was mentioned by the showrunners on TVLine. Though this power was attributed to Poison Ivy’s usage of pheromones, it’s possible that Gotham’s rendition of the character will have similar, though more human, powers.

Season 3 of Gotham is presumed to include a lot of course-correcting and perhaps this is due to the drop in viewers since the series premier. Executive Producer John Stephens told TVLine that “the nature of the city of Gotham will change” with the release of Hugo Stange’s human experiments. Though she wasn’t seem among Indian Hill’s escapees in the season 2 finale, fans can assume that Poison Ivy will have her own agenda regarding the city’s nature. Gotham Poison Ivy Recast 2

If you want to get see what all of Gotham’s new additions could mean for the series, take a look at Collider’s breakdown of the major season 3 additions.

What do you think of the recasting? Will you miss the grungy, ragamuffin orphan or are you excited for an older, sexier version of the DC villain? Which actress do you think would make a great Poison Ivy?

Images via Fox Network and DC Comics.

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