Pondering the Previews: Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

What does Iron Man 3 hold in store for the face of Stark Enterprises following the events of The Avengers? That is the question that has been on everyone’s minds since the credits rolled. Sure, we know that Tony and company dined on some fine schawarma following their bout with Loki’s army, but few plot details have been revealed on what is set to be the first film to follow the Joss Whedon helmed blockbuster.

This week, with six months until the release of Iron Man 3, we were graced with the first trailer. In it, we’re introduced to a much darker tone. Special effects, gripping music, and the introduction of Iron Man’s new villain, Mandarin, this preview seems to be set apart from what we saw in the previous films in the Iron Man franchise. Perhaps the darker feel comes from the direction of Shane Black, with whom Robert Downey Jr. previously worked in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Do not be turned off by the change in director, John Favreau is staying on as the film’s producer and RDJ is very confident about Black’s capability as a director.

A closeup of the logo on The Mandarin's neck.

The preview shows us a look inside Tony Stark’s cliff-side home as he thinks about what happened in New York with his new compatriots. Audiences are also given a look at the film’s villain, The Mandarin, portrayed by Ben Kingsley. The Mandarin is a mastermind leader of an international terrorist organization. The trailer reveals that on the back of his neck there is a tattoo which seems like it may be the insignia for the organization. However, it appears to be Captain America’s shield with an A in the middle. What could this mean for the plot? Is it just a weird coincidence? Only time will tell.

In a new feature called “Pondering the Previews” some of resident nerds share their initial thoughts on the Iron Man 3 trailer. These opinions are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of all staff members. Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments what you think!



A geek-gasm is a thing, right? What isn’t amazing about this trailer?! Now I’ll have to build a time machine so I jump ahead 6 months to watch the movie. Or right the wrongs of history…but mostly to watch Iron Man 3. – Sam

Between the weird machine thing that looks as though it’s torturing Pepper, to the attack on Tony’s home and the guilt that seems to weigh heavy on his shoulders, I’m genuinely worried for Iron Man. It seems that Mandarin will be the toughest villain yet, nevermind the internal things Tony is going through. Personally, I hope we get to see Pepper rescue Tony in one of his suits. Also, is Tony using mind control to suit up?! – Liz

OK so there are a crap ton of suits in this trailer and some amazing action scenes, but ultimately for this movie to be successful it has to be about Tony, and Mandarin’s ability to tear him down. Marvel has made some great movies but can they make a movie with substance. Judging by the trailer…I have my doubts. –JP

Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin


I love how bling the new suit is and it looks as if it’s able to operate under its own AI which will give a good new dimension to the movie. The rumors about them changing Tony Stark in a James Bond style makes me sad as Downey Jr. is awesome. The Mandarin looks badass. It also makes me sad that I can already hear whining fans moaning about it just being a set up for Avengers 2. But sod it; I think it’s going to be cool!! – Jay

Well, it’s got to be better than Iron Man 2 which mostly bored me to tears. I like the reference to “what happened in New York”(Avengers, I’m assuming) and that it starts out very dramatic with the music and climatic moments. I even got goosebumps. But the trailer got a little overly special effects-y at the end. I’m sure the big effects moments will work fine in the movie, but for the trailer,they weren’t anything super spectacular we haven’t seen before that would have given the trailer an extra touch of oomph. I like the idea of a more serious, grounded Iron Man film. I think drama and tragedy work better with comedic moments and RDJ can excel at that. I’m excited. And, who is all anxious for an Avengers cameo?!- Bex

Honestly I was not all that excited about the new Iron Man movie. After seeing the trailer though I’m all giddy about it now. I love the darker feel that this film appears to have. Some of the trailer footage was amazing and one can only imagine how the story will pan out. I particularly like the scene of the helicopters taking out Tony’s Malibu home. However, I am not impressed by what I have seen of Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin. He is not at all the way he is portrayed in the comics and is a huge departure of the character I’ve been use to all these years. Shane Black looks to have done a remarkable job (so far) with his stewardship of the franchise. – Bryan The Nerd

F**king awesome. Duh. – Proffitt


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  • Word on the street is that Iron Man 3 borrows quite a bit from Warren Ellis’ “Extremis” storyline, which is probably what is going on in the preview with Tony and his iron glove.

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