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Comics Characters and the Reasons Behind Their Popularity


Most people have read comics in their childhood and some even continue doing it into old age. Have you ever wondered what is that about comics that makes them fascinating and attractive? When we read our favorite comics, it takes us to a different world of fantasy and creativity. There are certain stories and characters that influence us throughout life.

There are hundreds of popular characters that have come and gone in the world of comics. Some of them last for a short time and some become eternal. As their number is too big to be counted on the fingers, we’ve selected some of the all-time great and popular comic characters and made a list of them. In this article, we are going to analyze some of the popular characters in the comics that have had a universal appeal, and the reasons behind their popularity.


Popular Comics Characters and the Reasons Behind Their Popularity

Superman is one of the earliest superheroes to appear in comics. The uniqueness of Superman was that he was super powerful and could fly in the air. The reason behind the popularity of Superman is his ability to fly. As children and even as adults, we always dream of flying. Flying is symbolic of freedom and liberty, and we all want to feel free, like a bird. This psychological trait was featured in the Superman comics. Apart from that, he is ethical and he stands for good. This is just another psychological trait within us, that has influenced us and resulted in the popularity of Superman comics.


In recent times, Batman comics have surpassed the popularity of Superman. Though both of them are superheroes and stand for justice and good, the only difference between Superman and Batman is that of a realistic nature. Batman does not have a superpower, but he is so athletic that he performs much better than a normal man. He has made himself from ordinary to extraordinary by his own efforts, and this is what has influenced and affected people. Nowadays, people appreciate realism, and just the thought that they have the extraordinary in them, that can be developed by their own hard work and sincerity of efforts, is what has made Batman a timeless character.


Popular Comics Characters and the Reasons Behind Their PopularityThe only man who seems to be challenging the popularity of Batman is his rival, the Joker. The modern world has come to appreciate the bad, and his vision, as well. This supervillain is deeply bad, but his philosophy and way of thinking are so neat and clear that they have influenced lots of people.

Though they might not be a fan of the Joker or other villains, people do appreciate and have a soft spot for him. The realistic world appreciates and accepts good and bad as integral parts of the cosmos. The way the character of Joker is defined and defended by his own philosophical thoughts, the supervillain has also found lots of takers. Joker is as eternal as Batman or any other superhero. The fact is that good and bad exist in the cosmos at the same time, and in order to identify the good, we also need the bad. When the bad is equally strong as good, it makes the game more interesting. This is what the Joker offers to readers.

Dennis the Menace

Apart from the world of good and bad, superheroes and supervillains, the boy next door, Dennis the Menace, still rules people’s hearts. This is just another psychological aspect of the human mind. It is always looking for something that it can easily identify with.

Dennis is a small boy, so charming and naughty that you should be able to identify and connect with him immediately. You can connect with his innocence, his naughtiness, and everything that he does. Creating trouble, doing silly things, bothering the neighbors, and still being everyone’s favorite is something that everybody dreams of. Dennis reminds people of their childhood; they are able to relive their childhood and also appreciate the children around them due to this character. It is this trait of simplicity that gives Dennis the Menace universal appeal. He has become one of the most popular and eternal characters of all time.

Wonder Woman

Popular Comics Characters and the Reasons Behind Their PopularityWonder Woman is yet another nicely crafted character in the comics. Female strength and identity are always looking for expression and expansion. Women do not always like to be presented in a delicate manner. They are strong in different ways, and presenting them physically strong, bold, and daring is something that they may have always wanted. Wonder Woman has all these traits, and still, she is feminine; this is what appeals and makes this character a hit. She will always have a female following. But at the same time, men, who were not able to appreciate women directly because of their own reservations, are able to appreciate them indirectly through this character.

So, this was a synopsis of some of the most popular characters of all time in the world of comics. As the world of comics is enormous and ever-expanding, it is not possible to merge or even track all the characters from all over the world of comics into one article. However, there are some popular characters with universal appeal that are always going to be popular due to their characteristics.

At the end of the day, comics that are able to cater to the psychological needs of the readers and present it in an interesting as well as funny way, just like French gaming, are what will be a hit. We hope that you found this article interesting. If you remember some of the other comics characters from your childhood days, do let us know about them as well. If you have anything to say about this article, please let us know in the comment section.

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