Potential Gotham Batsuit Leaked


Na, Na, Na, Na, Batman!


Holy Batsuit, Batman. It looks like the internet leaked next years model! That’s right my fellow nerds, we might have just seen the first look at the Year 1 Batsuit in “Gotham”. No this isn’t confirmed, but according to geektyrant the first look at the new Batsuit might have been leaked by Instagram user dc.marvel.unites (just going to point out how the username is spitting facts on how us nerds should act). 

A Closer Look

If you don’t want to see the suit and want to wait for it to appear on the show, then don’t scroll down.

Now the image gives a glimpse into what the suit could potentially look like. It seems to be less protective armor than other adaptations of the suit. The only armored spots that can be seen in the picture are the chest and abdominal area. Parts of it, the helm particularly, reminds me of the “Batman Begins” suit, but with an emphasis on the mobility with the majority being cloth or spandex-like he hasn’t learned yet he’s going to get stabbed or shot.

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Better look at the Batsuit

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If I’m being honest, I don’t hate the suit. It seems to look like it fits in the “Gotham” world and at least it’s not all leather *cough* CW *cough*. I would say that it seems like the first practical iteration of what the Batsuit should be!

Final Thoughts

I know there will be people who hate, are ehh, like, or even love the suit, but let us all remember that at least it doesn’t have Batnipples. If you aren’t old enough to know what I’m talking about going to DC Universe streaming service, watch “Batman & Robin”, stare at that suit, go back and look at the “Gotham” suit, go back to DC Universe and binge “Doom Patrol” because it’s one of the best superhero shows I’ve ever seen, and remember at least there are no more Batnipples. 

Sound Off

So what do you think of the suit? Do you miss Batnipples? Have you seen “Doom Patrol” yet? Which Batsuit is your favorite? Let me know down in the comments below and make sure to follow us on all social medias so you can keep up with the latest Word of The Nerd. 

P.S. This week the word is Batnipples. 

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