Predictable News: Wonder Woman’s New Costume Causes Drama

Thanks to this glorious exclusive from HitFix – we now have a new image of Wonder Woman.

WW_Cv41 Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman’s New Debut – via HitFix


As an armor wearing cosplayer and larper, lets talk about this – because it’s fantastic. Now, I love me some sexy heroines. I do. Red Sonja, Wonder Woman – all those gorgeously sexy and powerful women are my power fantasy. However, this design is subtly sexy AND functional.

Just as I discussed in this article about Overwatch and the choices of wardrobe for the female leads – functionality in armor is important if thats the line of logic you’re going to toe as artists and creators. If I knew nothing about Wonder Woman – looking at this armor I would say she is a melee combat class focused on speed and agility. She has no bulky armor and quite frankly is weaponed like a rogue. If the chestplate is reinforced, which it looks to be, I’d say more of a warrior class. That decision would be more definite if she were carrying a sword and board – so I find the gold Assassin’s Creed wrist blades a little confusing.

In a LARP setting – she would be given armor bonuses for her legs, wrists, crown, and chest piece – and additional for the shoulders depending on the game.

As a long time World of Warcraft player – she looks like a Blood Elf warrior or paladin. Minus the often huge and ornate shoulder armor in World of Warcraft that is found on most of the sets, this armor looks almost identical to commonly found female Blood Elf armor construction; I could picture Diana in a Stormwind tavern in her new costume.


Wonder Woman, Blood Elf
image via – artist unknown


I love the new armor. It’s functional. It’s powerful.  It’s sexy. And this coming from someone that has hated every single previous change.

But unfortunately, not everyone feels that way. Among them, comic artist J Scott Campbell. Known most of his work on Spider-Man and Wildcats, his focus in the industry has been majorly in old Image – that is now Wildstorm.


Wonder Woman Tweet
And here we go.


They never look good on a woman? Unfeminine and lacks style? No grace? I believe the game devs across the world would like to have a word with you, Mr Campbell. Among them, Blizzard’s. Lets not even address the last part of that comment.


Wonder Woman Shoulder Pads BElf
images via


The costume redesign is indicative of many things: that DC is listening to the fans, that they wanted to stir up controversy to boost sales when this new costume comes out sometime in June/July, and that they still are struggling to find Diana’s identity – and what image they want to sell with her.  Her redesigns are regular and often controversial – but at least this one is solid in functionality on a logisitics level where no leaps have to be made about her strength and skill in combat negating the need for armor. Hopefully it will stick around a while and not become a tired sales gimmick to get people picking up DC books off the shelves.

(image via HitFix, cover by David Finch and Jonathan Glapion)

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