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Worlds Collide in The Actionverse TPB


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The Most Action-Packed Crossover Event Ever!

Actionverse TPBACTIONVERSE Volume1 collects issue #0-#6 of the crossover event that has been six years in the making. Several universes are under the threat of destruction and it’s up to the combined powers of Jake Roth (THE F1RST HERO), Molly Danger, Virtue (FRACTURE), Midnight Tiger and Stray. They are up against the deadly Cascade and their only hope is Molly’s arch-enemy, Medula. But will he prove to be friend or foe?

This event serves as a great introduction to Action Lab’s long line of superhero comics. There is a hero for everyone in this book, from the world’s oldest 10-year-old girl to a grown man. More characters are added with each issue of ACTIONVERSE. Character biographies also appear at the end of each issue, a great help for new readers.

Under the combined efforts of writers Anthony Ruttgaizer (THE F1RST HERO), Jamal Igle (MOLLY DANGER), Shawn Gabborin (FRACTURE), Ray-Anthony Height (MIDNIGHT TIGER), Sean Izaakse (STRAY) and Vito Delsante (STRAY), Actionverse is a creator-owned crossover lover’s dream!
The numerous characters play well off of each other, from the protagonists to the supporting cast. The friendship between Jake Roth and Molly Danger feels genuine. You can feel the tension between Virtue, Stray and the Doberman. Everyone’s personality shines and their banter will surely get some chuckles out of readers. The villainous Cascade has some especially funny moment—with more than just a touch of menace. Cascade, a former villain from FRACTURE, has great motivation—and a sense of humor to match! His power only grows as the series goes on and he serves as a real threat to multiple worlds.

The artwork is handled by several accomplished illustrators including Marco Renna (THE F1RST HERO), Jamal Igle, Chad Cicconi (FRACTURE), Ray-Anthony Height, Sean Izaakse, Steve Walker (VENTURE), topped off with colors by Fred S. Stresing (THE F1RST HERO), Ross Hughes (DEATHSTROKE), Meredith Moriarty (PRINCELESS), Nate Lovett (MIDNIGHT TIGER) and Wilson Ramos Jr. (VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS). The artwork is a fun foray into Action Lab, a world filled with colorful and expressive characters.

Stakes are high in this series and will impact the Action Lab universe as a whole. Find out what this means for the heroes and villains of Action Lab in the ACTIONVERSE TPB, available now in Diamond Distributions Previews guide (order code: APR16 1124) and set for a June release.

Praise for Actionverse # 0: “Overall, it was a strong, fun and exciting experience, setting up for wanting more while being an exquisite one shot.” – The Broken Infinite (Frank Rodriguez)


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