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HEROESDOME Announces Dutch Heroes: The Fire Brigade




Once a year the football stadium called GELREDOME will be transformed into the HEROESDOME.

During our weekend of HEROESDOME we pay tribute to heroes and heroines from the fictional world but also from reality. HEROESDOME is therefore also the first HERO-CULTURE EVENT with more variety than ány other event, we are proud to say!

To start announcing and stop bragging, we have consulted with organizations that take to the streets every day as real heroes and this year the FIRE BRIGADE will swoop in and save the day!!

Every day they run to their beautiful red cars in their amazing red coats and drive to the blazing fire, the horrifying accident or to other reports. They told us “where others run away, we are just running towards”!

The Fire Department will therefore come to show you – the visitor – what they are doing now, why they are doing this and with whát they are doing all of this! Expect an extensive presence of the men in red suits. Let yourself be informed, be inspired and let your children climb the bouncy red ride or one of the many other activities that we will announce together with the Fire Department!

During HEROESDOME everyone and of all ages can meet their heroes and also be or become a hero. Request a signature and meet one of your heroes on the Dome floor. Have your hero drawn by your favorite artist. If an actor, musician or athlete inspires you, be sure to drop by. Every year we will invite many new and surprising guests. Who is the hero you want to learn from? Share your inspiration and be inspired by the many creative people that will be present during our event. You yourself can also be a source of inspiration and we wíll show you how!

HEROESDOME will be the cause for a lot of surprises. Therefore, come on over every year and get to know heroes that you have never met before, let alone in this context. We ensure that you get an unforgettable weekend. We travel all over the world with HEROESDOME to come up with poignant and exciting show elements to showcase every time in the Gelredome Arnhem.

And believe me… we are fár from through handing out secrets and will announce many more aspects to our unique Heroesdome-concept as we pin them down!

The HEROESDOME exhibition is the first Dutch Heroes-culture multi-media convention. The óne place where diversity and the feeling of being a ‘hero’ and seeing ‘heroes’ really forms the core of this first event. The goal of HEROESDOME is to give the Netherlands (but we welcome every international visitor!) a celebrated event for visitors, exhibitors and (international and national) guests.

The HEROESDOME convention will be hosted in the Gelredome on 2 & 3 June 2018.

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