Kickstarter Gets Undetermind from Quaktion Comics

From Quaktion Comics —Undetermined

Quaktion Comics has a new Sci-Fi series coming very soon to Kickstarter titled Undetermined.

Check out the official synopsis below:

Undetermined by Quaktion Comics
Undetermined by Quaktion Comics

Undetermined explores ideas of causality and determinism. In quantum theory, every decision is played out across infinite multiverses. What if we could swap lives with the versions of ourselves who made those different decisions? What would happen to the universe we left behind? What if we could call upon the alternate versions of ourselves in our utmost time of need? Are all our futures undetermined? Or are we directed by a higher authority? And what if that authority began to lose control?”

“Robert is your typical teenager. Grumpy. Lonely. Centre of his own universe. He’d gladly swap his life with anyone…A not-so-chance encounter with a girl from school begins to change his life, his decisions, and his destiny. But not in a way he could ever imagine. Join Robert, and his best buddy, Cat, as he discovers why his future is still undetermined.”

“You think your future is Undetermined? Think again…What’s done cannot be undone. What’s not done is determined elsewhere.”

You can check out a free six-page preview of Undetermined and learn more about its creators Andy Perry and Chris Holmes here.

The Kickstarter is officially live now!




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