Preview: Fanboys vs Zombies #2

Fanboys vs. Zombies #2
Fanboys vs. Zombies #2

Take a bunch of fanboys (and girls) at ComicCon, throw in thinly-veiled cameo appearances by ComicCon ‘stars’ and liberally mix with zombie mayhem and what do you get? Laugh out loud silliness and a great read. Fanboys vs Zombies #2 from Boom Studios hits the shelves on May 9 and should be a ‘must have’ in any fangirl/fanboy’s collection.

Written by Sam Humphries (Fraggle Rock; CBGB: The Comic Book) with art by Jerry Gaylord (Pulp Girls, Hollywood Highways, The Brotherhood) Fanboys vs Zombies is a fun romp through ComicCon. Seriously, who of us that can’t get there (for whatever reason) doesn’t in some small way wish something drastic would befall the lucky buggers who do get to go to ComicCon — something like, oh…I don’t know… a zombie apocalypse?! Well that is exactly what happens in this whacked out comic. Zombies invade ComicCon leaving a band of geeky friends to fend for themselves as they try to escape being locked in the convention center with a mob of hungry undead. What could go wrong?

Issue #2 offers some great nods to ComicCon staples (*cough* Bruce Campbell *cough*) and includes a slew of geeky ‘in-jokes’ sure to make any fangirl/boy giggle with delight (even those fanboys who swear up and down they don’t ‘giggle’ — trust me, you will!).

Humphries’ writing is brilliant. He manages to keep the story moving swiftly along, while providing more than a few ‘giggles’ with embedded geek references both old (Pokemon) and new (hello — Game of Thrones). The characters continue to develop, both through the intra-group dialogue and the action sequences.

While the storyline is a cynic’s dream (hey, I admit…I have wished just this sort of thing to befall the lucky ComicCon attendees), the art pulls it all together into a slick package — with just enough gratuitous zombie blood and gore to remind the reader that at its heart this is a zombie oriented comic.

And, without giving away any spoilers, let me just say that I am on pins and needles for next month’s issue — there are BIG things afoot and I am dying to know what happens next to our intrepid band of friends, ‘The Wrecking Crew’.

About the author

Dani Lawson

Mild mannered Assistant Professor of Communication by day; geek culture maven, gamer, medieval re-enactor, fanfic author and sci-fi/fantasy freak by night. Who needs sleep, right?! She has an enduring obsession with Spike from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', as well as being crazy for 'Firefly', 'Eureka' and the Goblin King. In addition to raising GeekGurl2.0, she has a loving (and infinitely tolerant) hubby who patiently listens to random rantings about the need for 'more fangy vampires' and the fact that 'only the Goblin King should sparkle'. When not torturing students (or her hubby) she can be found blogging at

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