Preview: Aspen Comics JIRNI #3

Aspen Comics is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and if you haven’t found their latest hit yet, you are late for the party. Their Decade Celebration party favor is JIRNI! Written by JT Krul, illustrated by Paolo Pantalena, and colored by Brett Smith JIRNI is an epic fantasy fraught with perils and challenges in a comic book that artistically lives up to the quality that you are used to from the company founded in 2003 by legendary writer/artist Michael Turner.




JIRNI is the story of a young warrior princess who is on a quest to find her mother. The quest puts her directly in the path of a mysterious sorcerer and his powerful D’jinn. In a statement prior to the books premier Krul described his book as, “a celebration of all the things I love about fantasy and adventure.  It’s the tale of a girl on a quest beyond anything she ever imagined, venturing into a world she barely knew existed. For anyone who has been captivated by the vivid imagery of Frazetta‘s masterpieces, this book is for you. For anyone who relished in the visceral energy of Conan the Barbarian or got lost on the rich mythic sagas of Excalibur or Clash of the Titans; for anyone who rolled a ten-sided die or refused to leave Middle Earth; for anyone who followed such adventurers as Flash Gordon or John Carter, or walked the long and crazy path with a gunslinger named Roland, this book is for you. Don’t miss it. It’s going to be a hell of a Jirni.” I think that statement pretty much describes every nerd, ever!


JIRNI #3 by Eric Basaldua
JIRNI #3 by Eric Basaldua

You might be a bit late for the party, but it’s never TOO late for epic adventure! In this third installment Ara’s companion Nylese reaches the end of her journey. While finally discovering the fabled city of her people, Ara’s road ahead remains ever perilous. Facing many dangers and threats in her challenging quest, how can she possibly survive Torinthal’s powerful and deadly d’jinn? JIRNI #3 will be in stores this Wednesday, June 26th, 2013! The first two issues may still be available at your local comic shop…if you hurry!

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John Kowalski

John is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He is currently a retail manager in a company who shall remain nameless. He is the father of three awesome children, despite his parenting. He has loved comics, books, television, movies, and gaming for as long as he can remember, and uses any excuse to escape into worlds of fantasy and intrigue. His Dad called his room the Bat Cave when he was growing up and had no idea of the significance.

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