Preview: Prophecy #1 – Dynamite’s Giagantic Cross-Over Event Begins!

The scene opens in London, circa 1890.  A crime has been committed, a man killed in his attempt to steal an Aztec artifact based on Mayan predecessors.  Not killed by the police, deduces perhaps the most famous sleuth of all time, and the second man on the scene, Sherlock Holmes, but by a stranger they must find.

No sooner does Holmes declare the game afoot, so to speak, than the action shifts to 632 AD on the Yucatan Peninsula where the missing item from the museum is being brandished by a villain from another time and another realm – Kulan Gath. There to fight him,  Red Sonja.

And so begins issue one of a self-contained, seven part series that Dynamite Entertainment is calling the “biggest cross-over event” in their history.

Turns out all of us who have managed to put our fears of the Mayan “prediction” of the end of the world aside by using math and logic are wrong to do so.  The world is going to end, there is a man who seeks to take advantage of that, and a team of unlikely allies are going to be responsible for fighting him.

As the action moves through time once again, Red Sonja is caught in the wake of Kulan Gath’s spell and brought into 2012 where she is quickly confronted by the first two additional members of a team she is as of yet unaware she will join.  While Dynamite themselves reveal not only these two members, but all the others who will be introduced in the issues to come, I will not list them here.  I’m a fan of surprises, but you can find the full list here if you are curious.

The artwork from Walter Giovani and colors by Adriani Lucas are strong.  I will likely never be a huge fan of the outfits women wear in many comics, but I have to admit that in all other respects, their work is solid and effective.  Writer Ron Marz also does a nice job with this first issue.  Going in with a “blank slate,” so to speak, I was pleasantly and satisfactorily surprised by each familiar face.  While I can’t say the Mayan Prophecy thing does much for me as a plot device on its own, there is enough story around that story to hold my interest.

I’d suggest giving this series a try.  It has some promise.

Prophecy #1 will be available for $3.99 from Dynamite Entertainment in June, 2012.

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Rachel Proffitt – Rachel is in a state of fluxx, having taken a year off from teaching high school social studies to pursue writing, adventure, geekery and all things beautiful. She adds a touch of class to this ordinarily crass and reckless group of guys. When we are not enjoying her brilliance here, we can always click over to Good Girls Gone Geek to get more!

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