Pulp Heroes Team Up in Masks

In the 1938 style world of Masks, the Party of Justice turns New York into a fascist police state. The vigilante known as The Spider steps out of the shadows to lead a guerrilla war against the organization. What about the other heroes operating at the time?


Masks will involve several pulp heroes active at the time. Each one will battle for justice in their own way. Expect to see The Shadow, Green Hornet and Kato, Zorro, Black Bat, Miss Fury and others involved somehow.  Will they allow the Spider to lead them? Can these heroes, who normally operate on their own, get along? Can they function as a team long enough to see this mission through?

If the story feels like a pulp story to you, there’s a reason for that.  Masks was inspired in part by an old Spider pulp. In it, a fascist organization took over New York and forced the hero to lead a resistance movement. It was a solo Spider story because the other heroes were owned by different companies.

Masks takes that same premise and includes other pulp character with it.

Masks 1 will be available in November. Alex Ross will paint the panels for the first issue.

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