R.I.P. Chuck E. Cheese


Soon Gone, but Never Forgotten: Chuck E. Cheese

Well, if the world hasn’t been enough doom and gloom for you, here is some more sad news. Chuck E. Cheese has filed for bankruptcy! I imagine all the animatronic characters yelled this out all at once during a rather bleak song-and-dance routine. If you don’t know what a Chuck E. Cheese is, well: you got your average tasteless pizza, a variety of arcade/game-of-chance games, tickets, overpriced items, and creepy animatronic characters, all for kids to spend the day with. You know, a place where a kid can be a kid!

Chuck E. Cheese animatronic character
The Animatronic Pizza Mouse. Or rat? He’s recently had a change of species.

Okay, so it is all not that bad. Over at Gamespot they note “This doesn’t necessarily mean every one of Charles’s 734 restaurants around the globe will be shutting down for good. CEO David McKillips has stated that ‘The Chapter 11 process will allow us to strengthen our financial structure as we recover from what has undoubtedly been the most challenging event in our company’s history.'”

Who Will Survive?

That doesn’t mean every Chuck E. Cheese will survive, either. This comes at a poignant time as, last weekend, I drove through the town I grew up in, and “my” Toys ‘R’ Us store was completely torn down and demolished. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye! Should I have also stopped by my old Chuck E. Cheese to pay my respects? Who knows if it will still be standing after all this?

Obviously I am being silly, though I do have fond memories of my Chuck E. Cheese (but I have lost Discovery Zone and Lazer Tag so I am used to the hurt). But really I am not worried. Chuck E. Cheese has plenty of money. Go out and support a local businessβ€”they need your help a lot more. Plus I can guarantee they probably have way better pizza.


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