Rainbow Six Siege Zombie Edition

Tom Clancy’s Rolling in His Grave

If you’re a fan of tactical military shooters, then no name is more well-known than Tom Clancy. The Hunt for Red October author delved into the video game sector in 1996, creating Rainbow Six and marking the beginning of the tactical shooter. Mr. Clancy always had a policy on his games, both official and unofficial. For instance, players could never play as a terrorist faction. Rainbow Six: Siege‘s multiplayer, where Operators find new and creative ways to murder each other, is a “training exercise”. Everyone remains on the side of good (even the torture-happy Caveira). Another stipulation: civilians should never be killed. The Splinter Cell series goes on long moral diatribes about this rule. Finally, and most importantly, all Tom Clancy games ground themselves in reality. Whether it be outmaneuvering terrorists or sneaking into compounds, everything is based on real tactics used in real militaries.  

So, with all of the above in mind, what did the latest update to Rainbow Six: Siege contain? Why, crystallized, exploding, super-zombies of course! Regular zombies, floating warlock zombies, tank zombies, disappearing spike zombies, exploding kamikaze zombies—you name it, Outbreak has it. 

Operation: Outbreak(ing Tradition)

Now, before I continue my assessment of this mode, let me make one thing clear. I don’t hate it. I don’t even dislike it. As a matter of fact, I find the mode a bit fun. What bothers me is the fact that this is a Tom Clancy game. Not just any Tom Clancy game, but Rainbow Six, the first of all major Tom Clancy titles. Since his death in 2013, Ubisoft has slowly but steadily been moving away from the tenets set by Mr. Clancy. Ghost Recon: Wildlands trades plot for open-world shootouts in Bolivia. Don’t get me started on everything wrong with The DivisionRainbow Six: Siege, while minimalist, felt like a return to form with complex tactics and information-gathering. 

Then they added zombies. 

Wizard zombies.

The mode has the player taking control of an Operator and joining with two others to face down zombies. The missions vary slightly, and the characters interact with each other about the circumstances. It added a little bit of depth hearing Doc somberly discuss the infected, or Smoke joke about people crapping their pants. I enjoyed these moments as I defended a generator from an onslaught of zombies attracted to the noise. I laughed as I watched my friend get mowed down by a Tank class zombie, only to get pounded on by a four-legged exploder. Surviving the horde until we reached the next safe room only to see a Smasher and Apex really amped up the tension. Valve certainly surprised gamers with the latest installment of Left 3 Dea-

Oops, I meant Rainbow Six: Siege. 

An Odd Day for Rainbow Six

The inclusion of a zombie mode just feels so out of place in a Tom Clancy game. Call of Duty can get away with such actions because they have never been strictly about reality, just war. On the other hand, Tom Clancy prided himself on intense research of real-world applications. Outbreak is, at best, a nice little temporary diversion before going back to what people really play Siege for. 

Playing Red Light, Green Light with the new operators, of course!

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  • I do agree, seeing a series that prides itself on its realism slowly loss that quality with things like Wildlands and The Division followed by a zombies mode in one of the less ridiculous creations that has the Tom Clacny name that’s been released for the current generation is a bizarre move. It is a fun addition, but feels out of place and kind of random considering the timing of the release not even relatively close to halloween for something like this, but I digress. Very good article as always!

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