Razer Gaming Mouse Features


The Razer mouse is designed to meet the gaming requirements of speed and precision. It comes with the latest technologies embedded and some fascinating ergonomics that help turn even the worst amateur into a world-class gamer. If you want to buy a gaming mouse online, you need to check out the features below that are built into this cutting-edge mouse. They allow it to stand out from the pack and perform a hundred times better than a traditional mouse.

Deadly Accuracy

The Razer mouse has the highest rate of accuracy in the world. This is due to the built-in gaming-grade optical sensor that brings precision to a whole new level. The sensor allows for unbelievable hand-movement tracking, capturing each motion, and translating it in the game. No matter how advanced a gamer you are, the mouse will react as fast as lightning to your hand commands. The optical sensor delivers a complete and absolutely identical reproduction of the path your hand makes while playing; it misses not a single curve or direction twist. Even the most intricate pattern is mirrored with deadly accuracy. This helps you perform precise shots and have an edge over your competitors who have a hard time setting the target in the right place.

Optimized Switches

The latest generation mechanical switches embedded in the mouse allow for the fastest response time in each click you make. The switches respond to your finger commands with incredible promptness that is equal to no traditional mouse. Moreover, the switch can process more finger commands at a time. If you perform repeated clicks in a short period of time, the switch will catch each and every click and translate it in the game. A traditional mouse can recognize, for example, only one out of three clicks made in a second. In addition, the optimized durability of switches allows them to resist up to 50 million clicks without getting numb and loose over time, while maintaining the same lightning-fast response.

Razer Gaming Mouse FeaturesStunning Ergonomics

The Razer mouse adjusts to the size of the gamer’s hand. You never have to worry that the mouse is too bulky or too thin for your hand’s grip. Now, the mouse fits exactly the shape of the player’s palm; it reproduces all curves to allow for comfortable use and complete control over the game. The rubber pads on both sides ensure a firm grip and prevent slips during intensive battles when your palm might sweat and become slippery. The clicks and the wheel also have a grippy and anti-slip surface to help you not lose control over the mouse. Moreover, each button on the mouse is in easy and convenient reach of your fingers.

Instant Sensitivity Adjustment

Razer developers know that every second counts in professional gaming. This is why they made sensitivity adjustment possible on the fly. As soon as you want to make the sensor or switches less responsive or enhance their sensitivity you have to just click the button at your fingertip, without having to enter settings. In this way, you get an advantage over other gamers who lose so much time adjusting the sensitivity of their mouse mid-game.

If you want to take a closer look at the high-performance Razer mouse, check out this link: www.razer.com.

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