Three Reasons to be Excited for HBO’s ‘Watchmen’

3 Reasons to Already be Excited for HBO’s Watchmen

Beloved and most recognizable cover of the original ‘Watchmen’ book by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

After having been green-lit by HBO to go to series, little is still known about the upcoming show based on the work by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. We know David Lindelof will serve as writer and executive producer as well as some casting news, and little bits of information given by Lindelof himself. Of the information that we have already the hype train is ready to leave the station. So here are the 3 reasons to already be excited for Watchmen.

1 – It’s not T.V… 

…It’s HBO. Okay, so it is still television. But it will not be your basic cable television. It’s not going to be like the CW shows. Watchmen will still be serialized content but with less restrictions. Less restrictions on topics and themes to explore, on what characters can say, and the amount of graphic images to be shown to stay true to the tone of the original work.

Another silver lining is the amount of money that HBO puts into it’s genre programming. The first season of Westworld earned a $100 million budget. And going into it’s final season, Game of Thrones will be producing episodes that cost $15 million each. No budget for the show has been announced yet, but given the network’s track record fans should have nothing to worry about.

2 – It’s not (exactly) Watchmen

You are not supposed to adapt Watchmen for the screen. Whether for television or film, fans will tell you it conflicts with Moore’s original vision. Back in 2008, Moore could be described as critical of the film that would be released the following year, stating that his original vision could not be translated to moving images.

Which is why Damon Lindelof has assured us that it will not be an adaptation of the Watchmen story. Instead, it will be an adaptation of the established universe with the events of Moore’s book having already taken place. The show will also feature new and existing characters.

3 – Lindelof’s Letter

Frame from Chapter IV of the original ‘Watchmen’ comic

Usually when a studio or network has undertaken an adaptation as a project they rarely get fans to work on it. Luckily, that is not the case with Damon Lindelof. On May 22nd 2018, he posted a 5 page open letter to Instagram detailing his intentions for the show. Honestly, the whole thing is really worth a read.

In the letter he goes on to describe the impact the book had on his life, chronicling from his childhood to adulthood, brilliantly done in the style of Chapter 4 from the original Watchmen. An indicator the show is in good hands. He also offers reassurances, of a diverse writing room and an understanding of the fans’ concerns.

The thought and care that has gone into the early foundations of this show is impressive. It has me confidently excited for when the show premieres in 2019.


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