Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises #2



Dynamite Entertainmant’s mini-series Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises is off to a strong start. In the series Red Sonja and Thulsa Doom face off while the fate of Atlantis and Hyborea hangs in the balance. Thulsa is after ancient power and our She-Devil with a Sword is doing her best to stop him. The battle is still far from over as we are only on the second issue.

In the epic second issue Red Sonja is fighting to save an annihilated city from the Atlanteans. While she is distracted with this, Thulsa Doom succeeds in gaining the power of a god. Power hungry as he is, he now has the skills to possibly succeed in his world dominating desires if his own madness can be kept at bay. With the lives of the citizens of Shem in danger, Sonja has a long way to go and a long battle ahead.

Writer, Luke Lieberman having gotten through all the character introductions and story set up in the first issue, packs the second issue with action and suspense. He manages to create an experience that will have you holding your breath through the action of the issue, all the way up to the cliffhanger at the end.

Artist Max Dunbar brings the world of Red Sonja and the Atlanteans to life. He is able to bring the feeling of the large scale environments to the book with ease. He is able to give you the feeling of being is a grand structure as the characters and images jump out at you from the pages. Dunbar is able to bring the action of the massive battle without covering the pages in blood.

The issue is available now and definitely worth picking up. Issue three will be hitting the stores in October and if the first two issue of the mini-series are any indication it’s one not to be missed.



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