Review – Adventures of the Super Sons #2 (DC Comics)

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Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciler: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Art Thibert
Colorist: Protobunker
Letter: Rob Leigh
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: Teen
Release Date: September 5, 2018

This week the Super Sons take a back seat to the The Gang. Damien and Jon find out more about their intentions and have a chat with Joker Jr.

Adventures of the Super Sons #2

In this issue of Adventures of the Super Sons, The Gang (alien children emulating Earth’s villains) get a chance to lead the story. After defeating Robin and Superboy, Rex Luthor is given the spotlight. We are able to see how he operates and the dynamics of the group that he created. The story itself is pretty fun. However, a few elements don’t quite hit their intended mark.


‘Adventures of the Super Sons’ Issue 2 cover by Carlo Barberi and Art Thibert

This week Peter J. Tomasi starts us off with some backstory. Not specifically stated, which did cause some confusion early on, we follow a green alien which happens to be Rex. Through him we see the early days of The Gang and the planet they came from. We now know that they are from a world that studies Earth for entertainment. But instead of being inspired by the world’s greatest heroes, Rex and his friends connected with the villains. Rex’s motivation becomes the need to create his own story. He is of the mindset that the villains are the real ones with control over their narratives.

In issue one of Adventures of the Super Sons I was in love with Tomasi’s depiction of the interactions that our heroes’ shared. It was fun and felt real. Eerily similar to the conversations you would have with your friends at that age. This week unfortunately loses some of that heart, putting our boys on the shelf. It is understandable; Damien and Jon are already established characters. We know them and how they act, apparently we don’t need more.

The Gang is new but we know that they’re a group that’s been formed for some time. Rex had to make friends with the individuals before turning them to his cause, but it never really comes across in the dialogue. Even villains can have friends right? They are instead reminiscent of a group that was forced to work on a project together in school. The just recite facts to each other. It feels like just a way to get from point A in the story to point B.


The character designs have easily been my favorite part. Specifically The Gang looking like the mini-me version of their respective villains. It is in this aspect of the book where Carlo Barberi and Art Thibert shine. Also if they merchandised plush dolls of Kid Deadshot I would by one, maybe two.

But when it comes to the backgrounds of the panels, or the set designs, it starts to get a little boring. Other than a few Joker teeth scattered around a panel, there’s not much else put into a scene. Most panels feature the characters in front of a solid color background. Even establishing the locations leaves a little to be desired. Locations like the Fortress of Solitude and even walking around a space ship don’t really have anything to pull you in and make you want to look around.


Coming off a great first issue, Super Sons this week hits its sophomore slump. I’m still excited to see what Tomasi does with these characters, both new and old. The story itself feels similar to roads we have been down before. But as long as it’s fun then it shouldn’t really matter. If you’re a series “completionist” then yes, definitely get this book. If not you probably won’t be lost next issue.


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