Review – The Alchemist Code (Android)

The Alchemist Code Transmutes Its Way To Success

If you are a fan of old-school Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Tactics Ogre or Disgaea, go download The Alchemist Code immediately. The Alchemist Code is a new tactical roleplaying game that uses the classic 3D isometric view and brings my favorite style of turn-based combat to mobile.


The Alchemist Code gameplay 01
The Alchemist Code gameplay 01

There is a lot of good to be said about The Alchemist Code

First off, the combat is fantastic. Each character and class feels unique and interesting. There were very few classes that I wouldn’t want to put in my lineup.  Holding your units close together could end in a mage blasting your entire team with lightning bolts or a blast of fire. Sending a warrior just one tile too deep could make them an easy target for the enemy team. 

I often found myself just one tile out of place and losing the battle because of it. The gameplay is very punishing and rewarding. The developers did not want to make this game easy just because it is a mobile game. 


Alchemist Code characters
Alchemist Code characters

The story of The Alchemist Code is super compelling. I originally wanted to play The Alchemist Code because I loved Full Metal Alchemist. I expected a good story and was surprised to find one beyond my expectations.

The Alchemist Code is the story of a family, differing ideas, and nations at war. The nation of Babel, location of the Tower of Babel, is in the center of a continent of 7 nations. The Alchemist Code takes place 20 years after a great war that rocked the continent and left the nation west of Babel, Wratharis, in poverty. 

Alchemist Code gameplay 02
Alchemist Code gameplay 02

The game starts as you control Logi Crowley in his quest to basically find what he believes is the correct path for Babel to follow. Dias Crowley, Logi’s brother, has a different idea about the correct path for Babel. Both brothers encounter Wratharis warriors who use alchemy, which is forbidden for use except by elite Babel military personnel.  

Gumi adds new story missions regularly. I cannot wait to see where Gumi takes it. Check out more details here!


The one downside to the game is the gotcha mechanics, which are normal in mobile games. Some of the missions are very hard, and as a result, can lead to a lot of grinding. To skip some of that grind, there is always the option of using microtransactions to roll a new hero. This is a downside to the game, but it is prevalent in almost all mobile games. 

All in all, the gotcha mechanics are not bad enough to make me dislike The Alchemist Code.  In the end, this game makes me want to find my old copies of Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea

Have you played The Alchemist Code? What are your thoughts?

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