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Amazing Spider-Man #17
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Amazing Spider-Man #17

Writer: Nick Spencer
Penciler: Humberto Ramos
Inker: Victor Olazaba
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: March 13, 2019

“The Hunted” begins as Kraven the Hunter has gathered a mass of animal-themed supervillains for wealthy elites to hunt.


The Hunt Begins in Amazing Spider-Man #17


The long-awaited “The Hunted” storyline officially begins in Amazing Spider-Man #17. Writer Nick Spencer has been teasing a Kraven the Hunter storyline almost from the start of his run on Amazing Spider-Man. Well, it is now finally here. Kraven and his cloned son have gathered up almost all the crazy animal-themed villains in the Marvel Universe (there are a lot). It seems Kraven has turned over a new leaf and with the assistance of the sinister game maker Arcade he has made it possible for people of extreme wealth to hunt the biggest game ever. But what does he want with the Black Cat and Kurt Conners “The Lizards” son? Why doesn’t he want to kill “the spider” that has eluded him for so many years? Find out in Amazing Spider-Man #17.


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #17 Variant Cover by Leinil Francis Yu (Marvel)
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #17 Variant Cover by Leinil Francis Yu (Marvel)

Nick Spencer has done a fantastic job of slowly building up this “Hunted” storyline. The small teases have finally built up to this story and it is as epic as it should be. Spencer does a great job of writing Kraven the Hunter. I love his dialogue throughout this issue and his convictions of why he is doing this now. He also writes Spider-Man incredibly well, he gets the tone and themes down perfectly of the wall-crawler. The thing that impressed me most in Amazing Spider-Man #17 was his writing of Black Cat. He gets some real emotional dialogue from her that works tremendously well in the issue in. It really opened up her character to me.

I love the “flow” Spencer gives Amazing Spider-Man #17; it has a nice rhythm from page to page. There is no downtime or fill in pages. He sets up the story nicely and lets it go from there. This is not a great jumping on point for the series. If you haven’t been keeping up with the last few issues of this series then you will be a little confused on some points. Mainly, the whole Kraven’s son aspect of the story.


Humberto Ramos does some exquisite work in Amazing Spider-Man #17. I love his cartooning style; he gives all the characters this fantastic animated feeling to them. He gives Spider-Man this wonderful thin/gangly body proportion that looks great as he swings across the city. I love the way he draws Black Cats costume as well. The thick “fur” around her are arms and legs look great however impractical it may be. It just has this nice aesthetic the way Ramos makes it flow down past her hands and feet.

Ramos’s cartooning is on tremendous display throughout the issue as he gets to play a little with all of these animal-themed villains. For characters like Spider-Man, he gives him that thin light movement and feel, while the more bulky characters have this nice heft and “weight” to them. He slightly exaggerates body portions of characters to great effect. We can’t leave out Victor Olazaba’s inking work. His nice tight and lighter ink lines work superbly well with Ramos’s pencils. His line work really stands out in the close up of characters costumes and clothing as he accentuates folds and wrinkles in them. Edgar Delgado does some tight coloring work as well, Ramos’s work looks better with a little brighter color palette and Delgado does that tremendously well.


Amazing Spider-Man #17 was a great start to this “The Hunted” storyline and really just a fantastic read. Spencer does a superb job with not only the story and plot, but all the characters involved. The art team does a fantastic job as well, delivering some stand out pages. There are a lot of issues coming out for this storyline (it has a checklist) coming out bi-weekly so the artist will change, but if we keep switching between Ramos and Ottley then we are in for a heck of a ride!



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